Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome to my waste of time!

As if I didn't already spend enough time doing a lot of nothing online, I figured I'd add one more excuse to the list and started a blog. Welcome to my waste of time!

We just got home from Utah where we spent Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous time catching up with Spencer's family! Ezra really enjoyed playing with his aunts and uncles-especially Aunt Leslie and Uncle Kyle. He just loves people who'll go crazy with him-who does it better than teenage boys and preteen girls?!? Grandma and Grandpa Bartholomew were down from Tacoma too, so Ezra got to spend some time avoiding them (old people are scary, you know!). All in all, except for a minor snafu when I was forced to drive a moped (stupid, stupid men), the visit went unexpectedly smooth.

So, I'm finishing up my application for OSU. I'm not sure why I keep on procrastinating doing it, I really do want to finish my degree. I guess I'm just really intimidated by all those free-thinkin', smokin' hot young college co-eds (the girls, I mean...why would a bunch of silly boys intimidate me-I'm sooo married). What can I say, I'm an stay-at-home-mom for two hellions (ok, one hellion and one hellion-in-training) who can't manage to keep her house clean, let alone
finish an assignment. Well, Ezra's attempting to smother himself w/the dryer sheets...have a fabulous day!