Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauty In The World

My sister Liberty told me about this song by Macy Gray. I ADORE it. All of it. The music video, the melody, but especially the lyrics. Nothing like a little reminder that God has given us Beauty In The World. Enjoy!

ps-Georgia ate a live ant last night purely for comedic value. Just thought I'd share.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Peek into the Casa Lifferth

Not much has been going on...but at the same time, so much has. Just the little things that make up day to day life around our crazy, baby-filled home ('cause you know, they're all babies to me :). It never ceases to amaze me how much my children change with each passing day. I blink and suddenly they're getting bigger and older...it's insane. I asked Georgia today when she got so big and she replied, "just in time."

Here's a peak into the Casa Lifferth:

Bad picture of Scarlett pushing Gee around in the doll stroller. It was hilarious, I promise.

Our attempt at an Easter photo shoot...we failed, of course. For the record, I promise my children started out with their hair done...:

Tricky Ezra

Scarlett did a whole lot of screaming...
and attempted to escape...

but we eventually got a smile or two out of her...

Not to mention, what would an attempted photo shoot be without a horrible trio shot?

Makin' some strawberry jam with the best helper ever (when he wasn't sneaking the strawberries, that is...):

There's a whole lot more where these came from

The first sprinkler run of the year:

Random Picture:

Senor Scarlett

I found the cutest little fabric store the other day. It's ran by a sweet old foreign married couple. They gushed the entire time about how beautiful I was and how fabulous my shoes were (anyone who compliments my shoes gets an automatic gold star in my book). There wasn't a whole lot there, but there were a few gems. I got the fabric for this dress at a mere $2.99/yd. Scarlett has a matching dress out of coordinating fabric, only with a jungle green and teal palette.

On a final note...
Is this not the cutest face ever?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Love Rock 'n' Roll

So...I got my hair cut the other day. The stylist, bless her heart, remembered that I like my bangs on the shorter side. Weeeell, she started them little too short and they just got gradually shorter from there. Also, for some reason she trimmed the layers right around my face too short too, instead of longish like they were last time. I'm kinda, sorta afraid it has a mullet vibe to it. That's ok though. I'm thinkin' I'm channeling Joan Jett.

...and ya know, not everyone whose anyone can pull off Joan Jett.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome to Mommyhood

You know what sucks? When your kids are sick. Especially the throw-up, feverish kind of sick.

You know what sucks even more? When you're sick yourself and yet still have to take care of all the other sickies. Oh, and do mountains of laundry (heaven forbid wet throw-up stuff gets mildewy)...and make bread...and then dinner.

Welcome to Mommyhood, right?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spencer's girl on the side

I'm afraid to report, Spencer has a bit of a mistress. She steals him away from me every night between the hours of 2:00am-4:30am. She's thinner, smarter, more well-read, and much, much cheaper then me. Not only that, but she leaves her smudgy marks all over him. I suppose I've come to terms with it...you can't beat a little extra summin' summin' in the bank each week...

You didn't think Spencer was a corner-worker, did you?! Well, he's not. In fact, Spencer is one of the Kansas City Star's newest paper boys (kind of makes me sound like a cradle robber, doesn't it?).

For the record, no, we're not in the poor house. We've just accrued more than a little student loan debt after 5 years in school together (4 of which were spent on one income with small extra mouths to feed and bodies to cloth...not to mention bottoms to diaper), and we wouldn't mind getting a bit of a head start on paying it off. Despite holding a job throughout undergraduate and graduate school, managing an apartment complex, and donating over 50 gallons of plasma, we still managed to accrue enough debt to hit us with nearly $500 monthly payments to Uncle Sam. As much as it bites having Spencer go to bed at 8:00/8:30 every night and having a lonely bed in the wee hours of the morning, it bites even more realizing we'll be paying a chunk of our paycheck towards loans well into my children's teenage years. When faced with that alternative, I'll take the empty bed and lonely evenings, thank you very much (you didn't think I'd actually go to bed with him at 8:00 every night, did you?! No siree, not this night owl).

So, while Spencer works to pay off debt and possibly save a little on the side towards a down-payment for a house (we're still wishy-washy on that one), I'll be spending my evenings all by my lonesome. Don't be surprised if you get a lot more random blog posts, comments, and emails from me. I figure if Spencer has his chica on the side, my computer can keep me warm at night too.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggs, Butter, and Candy, oh my!

Decorating Easter Cookies
...I didn't bother getting out my camera until things got really fun.

Dying Eggs

You may have noticed that in all of these pictures the chairs are pulled back from the table. That's because I'm a mean mommy and trying to avoid another mess like the Easter cookies incident.

The product:

Making Resurrection Rolls
(instructions and recipe found here)

The Big Hunt
(I'm apologizing in advance for these pictures. They were moving so quick and refused to stop and smile...so you get what you get)

At some point in time during the day, Georgia decided that butter was her favorite. thing. ever.

The "Friend" Egg Hunt

Take a gander at Georgia's basket and you might notice all the opened eggs. That's because she would stop and open the egg every time she found one in order to take stock of the candy inside. She'd then count it like a little miser.

Sorry, no picture of Ezra. He was too morose to take a picture as the big kids got to the candy first, leaving him only with shells.

Imagine a GIANT parentheses here...
While posting these pics I was reminded of last year's Easter pictures. Here's a few to compare...

End of GIANT parentheses.

The end result of the day's festivities? Sunburned, dirty, sugarfied, happy children: