Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To my Oak, on his 1st Birthday

(I know, I know, it was on June seventh and it's now June twwwwwenty-seventh, but considering I've spent waaay more time traveling this month (including his actual birthdate) then I spent at home, I make a plea for leniency.)

Oh, my Oak, it was one year ago (give or take a bit) that I pushed you out in a flash and the nurses handed me your wet squirmy body.  It was 9:26 in the morning and you were 6lbs 14oz and 16 days early.  I had anticipated your arrival so very, very much and was so very, very excited to finally meet you.  You were absolutely beautiful to me in all your newborn squishiness.  It was a crystal-clear moment of complete, eternal joy.

Welcome to the world, little one

Oh, my Oakie boy, you have brought me so much joy.  You are such a happy, social little baby and always have been.  Even as a baby you were all smiles and long as you were being held that is.  Heaven forbid I ever put you down (prior to crawling, at least).  Overall, though, you have brought nothing but joy into our home.  Oh, my love, my baby, you make me so very happy.

 One of those early, gummy smiles that you gave out so liberally

In many ways, you remind me of Miss Scarlett as a baby.  You, like her, crave social interaction and nearly constant physical contact.  You both have the biggest, cutest grins (although she still beats you, hands down, in sheer mouth size ;). know you is to love you.  People love you, Oak.  People at church, in the grocery store, the neighbors, everyone.  It's awful hard not to love a little boy that loves everyone.  You go to people willingly and share the cuddles around.  With your big baby blues, fabulous bald head, and gummy grin, people can't help but smile back.

Ahhh, look at those baby blues

You have a very special name, Oak...probably, if I'm being honest, the name that means the most to me in our whole family (shhh! don't tell your brother and sisters ;).  You see, my love, you were named after me.  Not ME me...but my blood, my family, my history.  Holyoak.  I look into my children's faces and I see my husband's blood.  I look at their names and I see my husband's name.  But you...I look at you and I see me...not much of me, mind you, but a bit.  Then, I look at your name, and I see my name.  An Oak is strong and mighty, like I know your spirit is too.  You're a mighty Oak soul still in a little acorn body.  Give it time, Oakie-boy, and you'll grow big and strong, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Your middle name, Gideon (which, ironically enough, means "feller of trees" amongst other things), is also a strong name of strong men.  It's another mighty name which I know you'll grow into.  You were sent to this time, this place, this family for a reason, Oak.  As your mama it's my job to prepare you for that reason, whatever it may be.

How cheesy is this guy? I mean, really.
You love your siblings, Oak.  You put up with their games and kisses...[cough maulings cough]...despite their roughness because you love them so.  They, in turn, absolutely adore you.  You're the first baby we've had in the house for a good long while (I know, I know...but it's all perspective, folks!) and they're just so excited to have you here and have been since day one.  Even with all the love you spread about you like sunshine, I gotta admit, I'm still your favorite.  None of my other kids have preferred me.  Ezra was indifferent to most everyone, Georgia merely tolerated me, Scarlett loved everyone mostly equally (seriously...ask any close relative, they're all convinced they're her favorite), but love me best of all and I adore it.

Big brother, meet Little brother

Lovin' on the baby

Happy 1st Birthday, my baby.  I can't believe how big and grown up you've gotten.  It seems like everyday you're learning something new and becoming a little more independent.  That's one of the hardest jobs of being a mother...the letting go.  I can let you go, though, and I do it every day.  You see, my Oakie, I know you'll come back to me.  Out of all of my children, I know you'll always, always come back.

The (somewhat blurry) Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Oak Gideon!

Monday, June 11, 2012

To my Georgia, on her 5th Birthday

(I know, I know, it isn't actually her 5th birthday anymore...that was on May 26th, the day I spontaneously headed down to Oklahoma, but close enough, right?)

Oh my Georgia, I love you so.  You are truly a bewitching little imp.  All mud-splatted princess dresses with long curls a-flyin' behind.  I love that you're friends with the girliest of girls and rowdiest of boys (I swear some of Ezra's friends prefer you over him because of it ;)).  Ahhh, little Miss, you are a study in contradictions.   I never know which Georgia is going to wake up every morning.  The Miss G that attempts to scratch my eyes out and kicks my shins or the Georgie that wants cuddles and giant open-mouth kisses (ewww, I know).  You have the biggest smile and the twinkliest eyes with a truly scary growl and scowl to go along with them.  I think your fickle moods are part of the reason people love you so.  You are the true definition of a firecracker, through and through, and people are enamored all the more for it.

Uncle Jesse trying to work you out of a foul temper on his wedding day

In a happy mood after seeing your name at Mount Rushmore

You are still wholly dedicated to Little Mermaid, although the obsession has grown to all things mermaid-related.  Pink (preferably sparkly) is still the color of choice, these days.  Although, happy days, we've managed to finally, finally, finally get you into something other than dresses.  You'll now deign to wear shorts as long as they're knit and "comfy".  We'll see what next winter brings.  You were in preschool this year and it was so much fun to see you chatter with your little girlfriends, Gracie, Greta, and Becca.  Your teacher adored you and I just know you'll love next fall's Kindergarten too.  You especially love to draw and color all day and I love the detailed portraits and fanciful pictures you make.  Eyelashes and accurate hair colors and styles are an absolute must, obviously ;)

Much concentration was needed at the sidewalk chalk festival last summer

Princess Georgia waving to her ever-loyal subjects

People love you, Gee, and follow you around just waiting for attention.  It's funny, Ezra doesn't really need other people all that much and Scarlett and Oak live for them all...but decide who you need and who you don't.  I sometimes worry about you with that, actually.  I worry you're going to grow up to be one of those girls in high school with your penchant for picking favorites (usually pretty girls) and ignoring the rest.   Remember, Georgia, remember to always be nice to everyone.  You don't have to be their bestest friend ever...but you still need to always be kind.

With a few of your faves:

The Girls
Georgia, Scarlett, and Ella

lovin' on Aunt Kim
(who, interestingly enough, looks more like your mother than I do)

Auntie Stephie, your very first love

I have a Shakespeare quote hung above your bed that sums you up perfectly, "Though she be but little, she is fierce."  Fierce, Georgie Girl, fierce is the best word to describe you, from your heavy scowls to your wild dancing to your abominable table manners and raucous laughter.

You. are. fierce.
 Though she be but little, she is fierce

I love you, Miss Georgia, with my whole heart and soul.  You are like a big ol' piece of me walking around outside in this scary, scary world.  I will always take the lows with the highs.  There will never be a time when you're not worth every moment of it.  Never forget how much I love you.  Never, ever forget.

The Birthday Girl
 How grown up does she look? I mean, really?

 Happy, Happy Birthday
Georgia Marie!