Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You know those women...

...who think their husband is absolutely wonderful? The ones that are more in love today than they were yesterday, their last anniversary, or even their wedding day? They're the ones that, for the most part, sit quietly by while their friends complain about how their husbands don't help clean, put the kids to bed, or make dinner, because, frankly, their husbands do help clean, put the kids to bed, and will occasionally even make dinner. You know, the women who believe they definitely got the better half of the deal.

Let's be honest folks, they're the ones you roll your eyes at because they're occasionally even a little sickly-sweet with their ooey, gooey puppy dog eyes and adoration.

Well, I have a confession to make...I am soooo one of them.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Who doesn't love a little paisley and sparkle?

I'm not really the Susy Homemaker type, but when I stumbled across this easy-peasy tutorial on cape-making, I thought, "what the hey" and figured I'd at least attempt. Ezra's been begging to be a superhero for Halloween and with his birthday falling conveniently right before my second favorite holiday of the year, this project couldn't come at a better time. Considering this is the first thing I've sewn completely and utterly by myself in about three and a half years, I'm pretty darn proud of myself.

ps-I know, I know, it's paisley, which is traditionally a girly pattern...but it had all the right colors, and it was fun and bright, and...I don't care, I love me some paisley. If Ezra hates me for it one day, so be it.

Spencer and Ezra left this evening to go to the Father & Son Campout (Ezra's so excited he practically peed his pants...and that's when he just thought that camping meant "let's go roast marshmallows in the park and then go home." I'm sure he'll be through the roof when he figures out there's tents involved), and Georgia kept begging me to take "just the girls" to the park. So, I figured we'd head to the mall and make us all happy, I mean, what's better than a little retail therapy for me and a little jumping around the playarea for her? It's a win-win situation. While there, I came across these fabulous sparkly sneakers on sale for a mere 10.49+tax. Georgia was in love with all the glitter and the pink. I was in love with the price, not to mention she desperately needs some everyday fall shoes. Of course I snatched some up.

While I was buckling the girls in their carseats, Georgia informed me, "I have sparkly shoes. They make me happy. Sparkly shoes make everybody happy." Ahhh, nothing like a little glitter to make the world seem right again.

Friday, September 18, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

In my house:

My new(ish) sign hanging up over my entertainment center

My latest project (excuse the glare)

One of my very favorite fall decorations on the shelf under one of my other very fav decorations, in general (it's simplicity at its best).
(ps-this picture makes my shelf look bowed; it's actually not)

mmmmm...isn't it lovely?

The mod podged shabby chic "S" for Scarlett in the girls' room. The mini ric-rac isn't my fav, but I had it on hand.

With the In-Laws:
(Spencer's twin brother and sister came out to visit at the beginning of August, with his parents following at the end)

Trips to Sonic for slushes
(horrible picture, I know, but it was the only one where you could see all of us)

Free change from fountains

Chillin' while Kim and Kyle run a big ol' trail race
(Kim came in 3rd for the womens division and Kyle came in 5th for the mens. This was particularly impressive because it was their first hard-core trail run and they were competing again much more experienced trail runners, not to mention their bodies weren't used to the humidity at all. yay! yay! Kim and Kyle!)

Taking a long stroll around the Plaza

Georgia sportin' the homeless man look at the Plaza (heaven knows, she wasn't the only one ;)

With my side in Amarillo:
Cadillac Ranch...

Scarlett hangin' in the sling

Diva Georgia

Aren't they the coolest [cue the dreamy sigh]

Bedhead, in general...

Back home again:

Newly discovered curls

The rare occasion when my two oldest aren't trying to kill each other

This would be my offical not favorite thing...
The scene of the crime.
(This picture doesn't even do it justice. It was so, so bad. The ink didn't even all come out...that green is a killer.)

The evidence.

The culprit.
(Lest you think she worked alone, she didn't. Ezra was the real mastermind behind it, he just wasn't caught purple handed.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My decapod crustacean of a daughter

shrimp: tiny in size, quantity; adjective

Synonyms:bantam, bitty, cramped, diminutive, inconsequential, inconsiderable, little, meager, microscopic, mini, miniature, minuscule, minute, modest, petite, picayune, piddling, pint-sized, pocket-sized, puny, runty, scanty, scrubby, short, slight, small-scale, stunted, teensy, teeny, toy, trifling, trivial, undersized, unpretentious, wee.

...apparently, I've given birth to one.

Scarlett recently had her 9 month well-baby (although she's actually 10 months) and weighed in at a whopping 14lbs 12oz and 26 inches in length. She was only 5% in length, but that's still significantly better than her weight, which wasn't even anywhere near the bottom of the percentile chart. Our (fabulous) doctor isn't all that worried, but he'd like her to come in and have her weight checked at the end of the month, just to be sure she's growing.

She's a tiny little thing, but we love her anyway. She's all dimply smiles and giggles and is such a ray of sunshine and joy in our home. Not to mention, she has the biggest grin I've ever seen. Her smile to face ratio is insanely unbalanced in favor of her smile. That's ok, I still think she's beautiful.

(whoa, I'm pretty sure I'm seeing some tonsils)

On a random note, a friend of mine sells aprons she and a friend make...and I just gotta say, they're absolutely fabulous (then again, everything Carrie does seems to be fabulous;). To top off the rampant fabulousness, they're having a free give away! yay! yay! Visit here to enter.

Stay tuned, when I get up the motivation I'll post some pictures from our trip to Amarillo and Georgia looking like a homeless man (big stretch of the imagination there, I'm sure)...