Friday, October 28, 2011

To my Scarlett, on her 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.  In so many ways I can't believe that you're three years old, but in others I can't believe that you're ONLY three.  You've been potty-trained since you were barely two, you've been scaling dangerous heights since you were well under a year, and you've been talking like a child twice your age long before 18 months.  You have seemed so grown-up for so long that I have a hard time imagining that you've only just hit three.  Regardless, happy third, Miss Scarlett.

 You always, and I mean always, smile for the camera

Scarlett, when I think of you, I smile.  It's inevitable.  From the tip-top of your curly brown pigtails down to your little long toes you evoke smiles from everyone you meet.  You are one of the friendliest children I've ever met.  You herald everyone from the mailman to random grocery store shoppers with exuberant hellos.  You've become the best of friends with our elderly neighbors (and hence greet every old man you see with a big, "Hello Neighbor!") who, bless their hearts, can't understand a word you say in your chipmunk-esq voice.  I can honestly say I can't think of a single person we know who doesn't adore you.  You're the ward sweetheart and everyone there has a soft-spot a mile wide for your larger-then-life grin and pew-dancing.  You are so sweet to your siblings and ever-willing to share with them.  Oh, Miss, the mere thought of you warms my heart.  You are that kind of girl.

You little flirt

On the flip side...oh, my dear, do you have a temper!  You want what you want when you want it and that's all there is to it.  You will stamp your little foot (on the hardwood floor, no less, as you've long since figured out the carpet muffles the noise unsatisfactorily) and screech eternally until I give in or lock you in the backyard...which is often since you have an opinion about evvvverything.  On that note, you are also the most persistent little child I've ever met, which is saying quite a bit in toddler-dom.  In a most Winston Churchill manner, you never, never, never give up.  Whether it be trying to climb to the top of the fridge (which is a feat you conquered long, long ago), begging for your 6th popsicle of the day, or trying to convince Grandad for just one more tickle, you just keep at it.  You, my dear, are the sole reason I keep so few sweets in the house as you won't let me rest until they're all in your little belly.  This to-the-death persistence of yours is a good trait that I hope you will remember to always use wisely (ie: in learning a new skill rather then begging for $100 jeans from your mom during your teenage years).

Ready for your close-up

Oh, Scarli, you are my little pixie.  Weighing in at a tiny 26lbs, you are truly a little imp in manner and size.  You look like one and you act like one with your twinkling personality.  You love to dance and sing and do it all day long.  You are a huge Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Lady Gaga fan (I know, I know, feel free to judge now) and sing along to their songs, with Lady Gaga's The Edge of Glory being a particular favorite.  You are my most imaginative player, hands down.  You'll make up little stories all day long for any inanimate object you come in contact with.  I love to just listen to you play.  You are very naturally feminine.  You've always loved clothes, makeup, and all things girlified (I swear you came out reaching for the nearest lip gloss and red nail polish) and always have a menagerie of baby dolls and stuffed animals you mother constantly.  Your favorite colors are consistently red and yellow (I find the fact that you've always loved red particularly amusing, given your name) and you regularly ask for a yellow car for your birthday anytime we see one on the road (sorry to disappoint, but I don't think you'll be receiving a full-size yellow car anytime soon...or ever, for that matter).  Despite all those girly attributes and your petite stature you are, however, still very rough and tumble and don't hesitate to scale great heights and keep up with the boys.  I love you as much for your bravery and independence as for your femininity.

 Roughin' it with the best of 'em

Oh, Little Miss, I said it in your letter last year and I'll say it again, to know you is to love you.  You are truly a ray of sunshine in our home and our hearts.  Oh, Scarlett, for being such a slip of a thing, you are so larger-than-life and we love you so very, very much.

Happy Birthday Miss Scarlett Caroline!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Night Owl

Considering this is the view at 12:46am...
I'm thinkin' it's going to be a long night.

My little night owl.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

To my Ezra, on his 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday, my Ezra.  As you lay on the couch shrieking at me for ruining your birthday cake (I swear I did what you told me), I gotta say, I'm not feelin' it...but that's what life is with you, Ezra.  It's constant ups and downs. I never know what I'm going to get when you wake up each morning.  In this way, things haven't changed all that much in 6 years.  You still throw tantrums multiple times a day, you still think you know more then everyone else, and you still can be a sweet cuddly boy when you want to be.  It all just depends on your ever-changing moods.

 Moms. ruin. everything.

However, you have grown up in so many ways  too.  You're going to Kindergarten now and are putting that incredible memory of yours to good use by learning the Articles of Faith.  You're still great friends with Simon and the Sheffer boys, but now you have new school and neighborhood friends too!  I'm more then a little relieved that you're making such good friends since you've been more then happy to just chill by yourself in the past and I was a little worried you wouldn't bother yourself with the effort of getting to know people.  But you are and that makes me happy.  Also, you only have me sing to you at night about half of the time, which is bittersweet for me.  Sweet because it mean the ever-long bedtime routine is getting shorter and bitter because it's proof that your childhood is slipping by.

 Simey and Ezzie

I'd like to claim that I get you like I do your sisters, but honestly I don't.  That doesn't mean I love you any less.  Heaven knows I love you infinitely...but so often I find myself boggled by you.  You are just a foreign little creature that somehow managed to come out of me 6 long and short years ago.  Ezra, you're so darn smart it kills me.  Numbers, and processes, and all things mechanical just come so naturally to you...obviously from your father.  Remember, though, to never use that to an unfair advantage.  Use your intelligence for good, Ezzie Boy.  Remember to respect all the different kind of intelligences in their own rights, which I suspect might be a weakness of yours.  Just because someone learns things differently or has strengths in different areas, doesn't mean they aren't smart too.  Use your own intelligence to help them, not hurt them.

The Great Scholar

As before, you're still very picky with food and clothes, but I like to think we've gotten into a groove of sorts.  You're slowly stretching little by little (now instead of plain beans you'll eat some with some minor seasonings, sans-sauce and will put on a belt for church ;), which is met with much rejoicing. I think part of that comes with growing're beginning to realize that there are things that are expected of you, in the way you dress and what you eat and so many other things.  You're a big boy now and are expected to act a little more like one.  You're beginning to get more grown-up in so many ways.  You are also a great big brother, especially to Oak.  You love him so darn much and are always willing to cuddle and entertain him.  You waited for a good long while for a brother and you're still so happy that you got one.  Remember to always be a good example for Oak and your little sisters, Ezra.  They look up to you so much.

Big Brother, meet Little Brother

Oh my little man, you've gotten so big on me.  You are one of the least shy people I know.  That's not to say you're particularly outgoing, because you're not at all, you're just very content with yourself and confident in your abilities and see very little to get embarrassed about.  Today was the primary sacrament meeting program in church and you did so great.  You gave your part so clearly and confidently and remembered it so well.  You just never hesitate being in front of people, whether it is giving a talk in church or singing in school.  Your daddy and I are so proud of you.

What a handsome little man :)

I love you, my Sunshine.  You were my first baby and for that you will always hold a special place in my heart.  You have all the abilities and meticulousness of an engineer and all the emotions of an art-lover and in those ways you are a true blend of your daddy and me.  I love watching you grow and learn everyday and I can't wait to watch you grow into the great man I know you'll become.  I love you so much, my dear. So, so much. 

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!

ps-I love how in the friend picture and scholar picture Ezra is wearing the exact same outfit.  Promise the two pictures were actually taken months and months apart, that's just Ezra's "smart" outfit that he wears when he's dressed to impress...and the only time he will ever abide wearing a polo.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Boy Chase Girl

I was with the kids at the park yesterday evening for a picnic.  I was sitting watching the kids play and I realized that Georgia and Scarlett were playing, for the first time ever, a rousing game of Boy Chase Girl with some local boys.  As I listened to their girlish faux-shrieks, it was more then a little unnerving to see my future flash before my eyes.  And then a little boy caught up with Georgia and she walloped him good.  He ran away crying and balance was once again restored in the universe.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

overzealous craftiness

I've always loved Halloween, it's aaallllmost my favorite holiday, beat out by a narrow margin by Christmas.  As a kid I reveled in the massive amounts of sugary goodness, excessive amounts of makeup worn, and the excuse to wear things not deemed appropriate for everyday use.  Now, as an adult, I love Halloween for the massive amounts of sugary goodness, excessive amounts of makeup worn, and the excuse to wear things not deemed appropriate for everyday use.  This year, however, I seem to be getting even more in the spirit, even earlier then normal.  I blame the massive amounts of crafting inspiration to be found on pinterest (what, you're not in the loop yet?  poor you.).  Anyway, just thought I'd share some of the fabulousness I've been up to (is it cocky to call my own crafts fabulous?  probably, but I can't say I care)...
I whipped this little number up this afternoon.  I know, I know, it smacks of overzealous craftiness to use the word whip and afternoon in the same sentence, but it really is true!  A little spray paint here, a lot of spanish moss there, a couple of dollar tree black birds (which, incidentally, give Scarlett some major creeps), and voila! an old school, glamorous, Edgar Allan Poe-esq wreath is born.

See? fabulous.
(I based it off of the wreath seen here)

I spent a good chunk of last week (which I probably should've been spending doing neglected laundry) making Halloween clipboard countdowns for my sisters, mom, and myself.  They weren't particularly hard either, which is always nice..'cause I'm lazy like that.  The idea came from here.  The green zebra is mine, the damask is my oldest sister Stephanie's, the houndstooth is Liberty's and the bat one is my mom's (which actually has tiny patterns inside the bats, so they're actually plaid and polka dot bats.  how cute is that?).  I think they all fit our personalities and tastes pretty darn well, which was half the fun when picking out the scrapbook paper. 




That's all for right now.  I know, I know, the entire post was spent tooting my own horn...but I'm a mom...if I don't do it, nobody will :P  Anyway, just thought I'd share 'cause Halloween craftiness makes me happy.  Hope you enjoyed :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Big Fat Greek Family

The ancient Greeks used to paint their lovely marble works bright, garish colors.

Apparently they aren't the only ones who prefer colored statuary.

It would seem my children share their sentiments.

Look on the bright least I wasn't all that fond of the bench in the first place...

It's permanent, in case you were wondering.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

$5 well spent

2 years ago when we moved to Kansas, I saw a house a few streets down from our rental that put up a ring of ghosts around a big ol' tree in front of their house for Halloween.  They did it again last fall.  I absolutely loved the idea.  So much so that I made it a point to do a drive-by with Spencer...and my mom...and anyone else who happened to be stuck in the car with me for any amount of time during the month of October.  I swore that when we bought a house, if it happened to have a tree in the front yard, I was gonna get me some dancin' ghosts.  So...

...this October came around and I found myself in our first home with a big ol' oak tree in the front yard and I couldn't even wait to get started.  I used a couple of wood posts from the hardware store,  some plastic bags stuffed with paper and some random round tablecloths I had lying around (I know, I know, everyone always claims they have useful/vintage/fabulous stuff "lying around" and you're like, "how the heck do they have that?" but I really DID have 5 big ol' white round tablecloths hangin' around.  promise.).  All of the pictures I saw of ghost rings online had faces and heads, but I liked mine plain and simple.  Not to mention, if I didn't paint faces then I wouldn't have to worry about the placement when I re-use the stuff next year.  Anyway, I just adore how it turned out.  yay! yay! for a fabulous BIG $5 Halloween decoration!  Definitely $5 well spent in my book :)

 Isn't is fabulously festive?  *happy sigh*

Since I was taking pictures in front of my house, I figured I'd throw a full-shot in there since most of y'all haven't seen it yet :)

Home Sweet Home
 (please excuse the random pile of ghost-making supplies on the driveway and the red car that Spence is working on for a friend)

While Spencer and I were busy making our dancing ghosts, Ezra was busy making his very own vampire.  How cute is that?  It doesn't exactly match the decor, but it's getting left up anyway, 'cause I'm that kind of mom (you know, the kind who doesn't care enough to care ;).

 Handyman Ezra and his Masterpiece

Oh, and since we're showing house pictures, here's a couple from last week's tree-chopping.  These pictures don't even do it justice.  It was a big ol' full-grown tree, I promise!

 half-way there...

The hooligans building a fort in the downed branches

What, you don't have random low-riding neighbor boys hanging around your house?  poor you.

The End.

ps-are y'all doing anything fun and festive this Halloween season?  I'd love to hear :)