Saturday, May 23, 2009

got milk?

Earlier this week we made a one last trip to Ezra's allergist before we move and discuss all of our options and how he's progressing. Well, we did some talking and testing and some more talking and...

Ezra's now on MILK!!!

I can't even tell you how big of a deal this is. When his milk challenge is officially over (next Monday), my life will drastically change. Not just what I feed my kid, but so much of my daily life: what I cook, how and where I shop, what I bring with me when I leave, what I have to tell the babysitter/primary teacher/ drastically alters so many of my hopes and fears for my child.

One small step for Ezra and one giant leap away from the pocket protector and high water jeans.

Back to the allergist visit: With his skin-prick test, Ezra only reacted to raw eggs, which he has previously. He isn't reacting to peanuts/tree nuts anymore, but the doctor would prefer we do an official challenge in-office for that one after we move to Kansas City because the risk of anaphylactic complications go up with nuts. So we're still avoiding all nuts for now. As for other restrictions, we still have to avoid raw eggs, but that's not all that hard to do.

On the downside, it looks like he has some environmental allergies. We couldn't figure out the trigger as he didn't react to anything on his skin-prick test, but he has all the classic symptoms. Also, his tonsils are so huge that we might have to have them removed, which we'll discuss more with our doctor once we move to Kansas City.

So, all in all, a pretty exciting thing.

In other news, Scarlett and I are currently in Alabama at a mini-family reunion. I wasn't planning on going, but Spencer's a doll and surprised me by insisting I head out. I'll fly out of here on Wednesday and meet up with Spencer in Denver on our way to Utah for the Spencer's twin siblings' high school graduation. I have one very brave hubby who is driving all the way from Oklahoma to Denver by himself with the two older kiddos.

Yes, he really is that fabulous.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To my husband...

The Master of Science

People say
we've come a long way
to graduation day
in this long-awaited May

From Provo's mounts
to Stillwater's plain
the memories gained
have made us never the same

A's and B's you've recieved
though not all a breeze
you've avoided any D's
for which we're all relieved

We're out to try a new land
so on to Kansas City we go
Master's degree in hand
HVAC systems you will grow

And so, my dear, you see
together we've been
and together we'll forever be
Congrats to you (and me)!

Spencer and his adviser, Dr. Cremaschi

Scarlett and me hanging out during the ceremony

Spencer standing in his psychrometric chamber
(he designed it, led the building of it, and then based his thesis around it)

Spencer and his parents, Richard and Carole Lifferth

Spencer with me and my parents, Lili and Reed Holyoak

My sweet sister Stephanie and us