Monday, February 27, 2012

does a daddy proud

Ezra and I had an interesting conversation today.  He said,

"We can't go on a trip for a long time because we have to save up our money.  Trips cost lots of money.  We have to pay for lots of things like gas.  Gas costs a lot of money so we have to save up."

I dare say it was my husband's proudest moment ever.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dancing and Decorations

If Foster The People are ever looking for back-up singers...I know a guy they can call.

(please excuse the sideways shooting.  I always do that :P)

In other news...

Scarlett learned a lesson recently.

Never let your 4 year old sister "decorate" your face...

especially 'cause the "decorations" don't always come completely off after multiple washings...

even if they did make you look like a "beautiful butterfly"

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mr. Hot Stuff

 Someone want to tell me when my baby got old enough to do this?

Doesn't Mr. Oak just look soooo darn pleased with himself?

Considering he got himself up there all by his lonesome multiple times, no less, he pretty much deserves to be.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Mother of All Posts...Disneyland!!!

I'd like to claim that I had some huge life event that delayed me in posting for the last two weeks...but not so much.  Mostly life just goes on and with 4 very busy little ones under foot, it goes on in at a very quick pace.  Anyway, here's our Disneyland pics from our trip in January when we went with Spencer's family.  His parents were sweet enough to pay for everyone's park tickets and hotel while we paid for our own transportation and food.  It was absolutely so, so much fun going and sharing the whole experience with them!  Anyway, from this post on out, I won't be playing catch-up, so yay! yay! for that!  And now for the mother of all posts...


Every girl's dream house

 Me and the girls

 Aunt Leslie and Miss Scarlett

The kids were ridiculously in love with this bug's life ride

...we went on it like seriously half a dozen times in a row

Aunt Heather and Miss Georgie

My kids suddenly had a crazy-huge appetite every day after walking around all the time

Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Leslie were the BEST about watching the kids while Spence and I went on our fair share of adult rides.  They made the whole trip a bazillion times better and more enjoyable!

 yay! for the babysitters!

 Spence's little brother, Eric.
(Isn't he a cutie?  Watch out, Girls, he's single!)

This has got to be my favorite picture of the entire trip.  Grandpa was so cute with Scarli, endlessly taking her around to all her little rides and carrying her back to the hotel asleep every night.  They were the best of friends.

Aunt Kim, Georgia, and Ezra on the old school dumbo ride

Aunt Leslie and the chilluns' waiting for the parade to start.  If you ever do the Disneyland thing, you HAVE to catch the parade at least once.  It was fabulous!

Oak is SUCH a Mama's boy!

Happy Oakie after a stroller nap

Scarlett was oh-so-happy to stand next to a measuring stick that she actually COULD meet the requirements for.

Real men eat fruit snacks and drink from juice boxes.

 It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small, small world!

The girls were soooo excited while waiting to meet the princesses

Daddy and Oakie
(poor boy was too little to know he was waiting in line for princesses)

Sleeping Beauty

(She was the nicest of all the princesses.  She sat and chatted with the girls for a good long while)



 Ezra showing off his scary face

 Gee trying out Minnie's bed

Miss Georgia, Miss Scarlett, and Miss Minnie

Scarlett loved all the cars in Toon Town.  We couldn't even get her out of them!

We were in Mickey's house and all of the sudden we found ourselves in a super-short line for a private Mickey meeting.  It was crazy and so much fun!
 Scarli clinging onto Dad for dear life on the ferris wheel.  It was adorable.

Overall, I gotta say, I was pretty impressed.  Neither Spence nor I had every been to Disneyland and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is, in fact, the happiest place on earth.

On our last day in California we spent the afternoon at the beach while the big boys (Eric, Isaac, Spencer, and Kyle) went scuba diving.  It was a little chilly, but that didn't stop the kids from getting wet and wild.  Can't say I blame them, it's not everyday one gets to go to the beach in January!

 I love this picture of Georgia in the waves.  It looks so idyllic.

 Spence in his gear

Oak's first feel of the ocean
(that little section of my very white leg is the only proof I have that I was ever even at the beach at all.)

Ezra was the first to strip down and get in his suit.

Georgia quickly followed.

Scrawny Miss Scarlett couldn't handle the cold as much as her heartier siblings.  She attempted to stay dry as much as possible (that might also mean she's the smartest of the group too ;)

 Daddy and and a very tired Oakie

I had to get a picture of Kim and Georgia.  They were absolute BFF's the entire time.  Georgia has a way of picking favorites and ignoring the rest.  Hopefully she'll grow out of that eventually...

Ezra Emil and Eric Emil
These two were attached at the hip.  No way would we have gotten Ezra on so many big scary rides if it wasn't for this guy here.

Well, that's a wrap, folks!  I'm (in Georgie's words) super-uper-duper-impressed if you made it all the way through.  Gold star for you!