Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lime Baby

I've recently been informed I have a Lime Baby. It looks a lot bigger from here (they say having three pregnancies so close together will do that to you:P). Here's to finishing my first trimester! WooHoo!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Name Tag

My sister gave me a couple of Name Tags to do, and I thought they were a fun idea, so sit back and enjoy!
My rock star name (first pet and current car):
Midnight Montero

My gangsta name (favorite candy bar and favorite cookie):
PayDay Short Bread

My detective name (favorite color and favorite animal):
Purple Puppy

My Star Wars name (first three letters of last name and first two letters of first name then the word "of" then a medication you are on):
Lifwh of Prenatal Vitamins

My superhero name (2nd favorite color and favorite drink with "The" in front):
The Red Smoothie

My Nascar name (first names of your grandfathers):
Monte Gilbert

My "lover" name (name of your favorite perfume/cologne and your favorite candy):
Euphoria Skittles

Witness-protection name (mother's and father's middle names):
Jo Reed

The other half of my tag is that I'm supposed to list my children's names and why we named them what we did.

Ezra Emil
I love, love, love Ezra's name. The first, the middle, all of it (ok...the last name I could do without;);). When we were deciding on a name, we knew that we wanted it to be a double "E" name, in honor of Spencer's great grandfather, Ernest Emil, (who was called E.E.) and his younger brother, Eric Emil. With the first letter and the middle decided, all we had to do was come up with a first name. I always hear all these stories of names that people just know their child was meant to have or just love it from the start, even before they were pregnant. That sooo isn't what happened with Ezra's name (or Georgia's for that matter). Honestly, we had an ever-changing list of names that we periodically added to and eliminated from and a couple of days before the baby was born, Ezra was added to The List. When he was born that was the one we loved the most off of The List. That being said, I don't love Ezra's name any less because it didn't jump off the page at me. It's such a strong, steady name shared by many great and spiritual men. I love the fact that Ezra will have not only E.E. and Eric to look up to, but also Ezra Taft Benson and the great biblical scribe and priest, Ezra. Plus he shares his name with a (little-known) book in the bible-how cool is that?

Georgia Marie
I have always loved the name Georgia. It was on the aforementioned list from pretty early on in my pregnancy. In fact, you could say we ended up using it because it was our Survivor (and it didn't even have to go live on an island). As all the other ever-rotating names around it got eliminated because we couldn't picture using them in real life, Georgia stuck around. It was just the one we loved the most. The fact that Georgia was my favorite state growing up (no, I've never lived there or even been there, but it always seemed so southern belle-ish) was just an added bonus. As for Georgia's middle name, Marie is my middle name and my Aunt Janet's middle name. While I wasn't so sure about naming her after me, in a sense, Spencer really liked it and it flowed well with her first name, plus I've always really loved my middle name, so Marie is what we went with. Overall, I really do love Georgia's name. It's just so classic and delicate...kind of like her.
Baby #3
We have yet to decide on a name for this baby and probably won't until we're in the hospital. When I was pregnant with Ezra, the fact that we didn't know the name as soon as we knew the baby's gender used to really bother me, but I've come to love the flexibility that comes with indecision. I know there are lots of baby name lovers out there, so I'd love any suggestions ya'll want to give me. Despite what it might appear from our haphazard naming methods, I really do love to discuss names in depth (for further proof, feel free to visit my Baby Names post) and would greatly appreciate any names you want to throw my way. So go ahead, bust out your baby name books and go crazy!
Thanks for making it this far. I had a really fun time with this post and I'd love to hear all about your names-the real and made-up ones. Feel free to accept my Name Tag if you want to. Have a fabulous day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tidbits of Life

It's hard to believe how fast time has flown since my last post. I've gotten to be such a loser about writing! As that has been the case, here a few tidbits to fill you in on what's been happening around here:

Ezra now sings The Beatles's "Hello Goodbye" (although just the chorus).

Georgia now dances to the aforementioned song. You should see her-she stands up against something and just bobs and bounces. In fact, now that I mention it, I might just have to take a video of Ezra singing and Georgia bouncing.

Georgia has been weaned and is soley on table foods. I was nervous to make the transistion at first since she is so small, but my milk was drying up and I really did need to be eating a more of a complete diet for the baby. Despite all my worries, Georgia has done fabulously. She gobbles up all kinds of food, although she does have definite likes and dislikes. She'll let you know when something doesn't strike her fancy pretty dang fast.

Ezra is absolutely in love with trains, Thomas the Tank Engine especially. Those of you at Ruby's Inn might remember the Missing Thomas Disaster of '08 (Thomas was later found with a bunch of toys belonging to another cousin. They had gotten thrown in there by mistake). Ezra insists on taking Thomas and the Sodor Fuel car everywhere he goes and often sleeps with them (heaven knows how two wooden trains can possibly be comfortable to sleep on). He takes his trains and track-building very seriously, frequently telling Georgia to leave them alone because they are his "very special trains".

*A quick THANK YOU! to Auntie Libby and her boys Josiah, Gavin, and Gunner for loaning Ezra their train set until we can aquire one of our own.*

Ezra seems to be in another "fasting" phase. He's always picky, but when he gets like this, we're lucky to get him to eat anything. His entire diet for the day has consisted of a handful of raisens, four soda crackers, three bites of an apple, a sucker (he discovered it on top of the fridge left over from Valentine's Day...lovely), and half a cup of applesauce. The sad thing is that it's a lot considering the rest of this week.

While Georgia doesn't yet walk, she does cruise along the furniture and has even started to push some of Ezra's toy boxes around and walk behind them. I'm beginning to think it won't be long now! It might be not be a good thing, necessarily, but it's still always exciting when the little ones learn to walk.

Well, folks, that's about all I have time for today. Spencer's giving a presentation at an ASHRAE conference tonight (Yay! for Spencer), so I've got to get stuff ready for the babysitter. Thanks for sticking through the long breaks between these last few posts, I hope to get back into more of regular posting schedule after this. Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Past-Due Homework Assignment

After much poking and prodding from my older sister, Stephanie, I've finally gotten around to posting about our Spring Break. I don't know why I always put off vacation posts for so long. To be honest, I avoid them like a bad homework assignment. I guess I just don't like the travel-log feel, it squelches my creativity;). Anyway, without further adu:

One of my favorite Easter traditions is dying eggs. I was really excited that Ezra was finally old enough to really participate, so I made sure we did it, despite the fact that we weren't at home. Spencer's family didn't mind. Leslie and Kyle (Spencer's younger siblings) even got into the action.

So...when I pasted this picture, I didn't realize how bad it was (I think Ezra may have been throwing a fit). However, as it's the only picture we have of him decorating eggs, it'll just have to do.

The finished product.

My beautiful baby girl (who actually kind of looks like a boy right here with her blue shirt and no bow :P). I just have to brag-doesn't she have the prettiest eyes ever?

A couple of days after arriving in Utah, we drove down to Bryce Canyon for the annual Ruby's Inn Retreat. It's honestly something I look forward to all year (now how many people can say that about their in-law's family reunions?) and was one of the reasons we scheduled our visit when we did. One of the main events while there was a big breakfast (thanks Bob and fam!) followed by an Easter party.

Mommy helping Ezra make his egg during the Easter party. It seems Ezra was concentrating to hard too bother smiling at the camera.

The Easter Hunt ended up being a big success. Despite my original worries that Ezra would throw a full-blown tantrum when we had to take away any chocolate and other unsafe candy it was actually not a big deal at all. Honestly, I don't think he even noticed when Spencer went through his candy and tossed all the "contaminated" kinds back into their original hiding places. Ezra had so much fun and had plenty of candy to keep him hyped up for the rest of the day.

Ezra looking for spoils during the grand Easter Hunt. Note the choking hazard in his right hand, he hung on to it like there was no tomorrow.

Ezra looking oh-so-cool in his upside-down pink glasses from the Easter Hunt.

Ezra playing with his Play-Doh airplane "up in the sky".

In the area around Ruby's Inn are several good hikes. Unfortunately, once one has children, the only "good hikes" available are leisurely strolls around the neighborhood. That's why, when the opportunity arose to visit Mossy Cave, which is a pretty easy 1/2 mile hike (one way), we jumped at the chance to go. Both Ezra and Georgia thought the icicles (that's truly how you spell that word-I promise) were pretty cool.

Georgia cheesein' it for the camera (unlike Ezra in all of his pictures).

We got a chance to hang out with the family for another day and a half after we got home from Bryce Canyon. It was a nice break before the traveling rush.

Ezra and Grandpa bonding while doing the very manly task of feeding the fire. This was a favorite job of Ezra's as he's a bit of a pyro.

We fully enjoyed our vacation, but it was good to go home and get back to normal. One of the best things about trips is the relief at being home once again.

Georgia was absolutely exhausted after all the traveling the day after we came home. Poor little thing could barely keep her eyes open throughout the day.

I just threw this one in to attempt to even up the Ezra/Georgia picture ratio. The fact that it's super-cute is just a bonus.