Saturday, June 7, 2014

To my Oak, on his 3rd Birthday

Oh, Oakie, my Oakie...Happy 3rd Birthday, crazy boy!  I love you so, so much.  You add your own unique brand of fun to this crazy house and I wouldn't change you one single bit.

Oakie-boy, you are still my little friend in every way.  I seriously just want to hang out with you all day and listen to the crazy-pants things you come up with to say and do.  You are the single biggest ham I've ever known.  Whether it's putting cucumbers over your eyes and pretending that you're at a spa/a pirate/blind, or a "stinky diaper baby" crying for mama (ironic, I know, considering you, yourself, still wear stinky diapers), you are one entertaining guy.  You make my life better every. single. day.  You are insanely rough-and-tumble, wrestling with anything that breathes, running (literal) laps through the kitchen and living room, and pretending to fly off the back of the couch.  You're such a fireball, so full of energy and spunk.  I'm officially apologizing now to all future teachers and babysitters.  You're a lot to keep up with.  It's funny, though, because as insanely All Boy as you are, you're also my biggest cuddler.  I love to hear you request to "cuddle wif mama" as you pull me onto the couch with you.   I've never had a mama's boy (or girl, for that matter!) before and I just eat it up.  Pretty sure I'd walk on water for you, my love.

You're a good big brother to Fischer.  He seriously adores you.  You love to hang out with him...up until the point he starts putting your toys in his mouth.  You absolutely do NOT approve of any of that nonsense.  You love your older siblings too.  Your greatest goal in life is to be grown-up like them and do all the cool things they can play in the front yard (you know all the cool kids are doing it) and pour their own milk.  One day, little man, one day.  Don't grow up too, too fast.  You're growing up so fast already.

You have the biggest imagination I've ever seen.  Everything is a game, a chance to pretend, a toy just waiting to be discovered.  You don't fill just one niche, you try it all.  You mix toys together with blocks turning into dinosaur food and lalaloopsies riding on the back of the dinosaurs.  I love to just sit and watch you play.  You're just amazing.  Sticks are swords, blocks are food, and baskets are hats. I'm always amazed with the speed and direction in which your mind works.  You love anything superhero-related.  Your current fave is Captain America, but really it switches around a lot.  I don't know what made you latch onto superheros, it's not something any of my other kids have done, but I pretty much adore it.  Those larger-than-life characters fit your larger-than-life personality.  If you could, you really would fly, break through buildings, and defeat bad guys daily.

You're a ham and love to make people laugh.  This is kind of unexpected because you're a little slow to warm to people.  Once you decide you like them, however, you'll do anything you can to make them smile.  You crack toddler-jokes, pretend to be a dinosaur and chase them around, anything to get a laugh.  The perfect example of this is our doctor (Dr. Kimmel) and her nurse.  Since you see more of the nurse you've decided you like her and now you act all silly around her and let her see you smile (which, believe me, took a verrry long time).  It's a big change from when all you did was lower your brows and scowl when she tried to talk to you before.  Dr. Kimmel, however, has not made it onto your good list.  I figure it's just because we see less of her, but I don't know for sure.  She has not won your approval and affection yet and so all she gets are scowls.  It's like a light switch from when the nurse leaves to when the doctor enters.  You're so funny like that. Anything you can think of to do to make us laugh, though, you'll do it.  You're always watching for an opportunity to entertain.  I love it.

I compared you once to a lightning bolt, always crackling and sparking and it still holds true.  You're electric, fiery, and bright.  You light up the room but can also destroy it (both with your messes and tantrums).  Dude, you are INTENSE.  People love you, Oak. They're drawn to that electricity and just can't help but love you, whether you like them or not.  Watch out so that fire of yours doesn't burn the place down, Little Man.

Oh, Oakie, my Oakie.  I love, love, love you!  I'm so very glad you're mine.  I never would've imagined having a personality like yours for my very own.  I COULDN'T have imagined your personality.  It's so darn huge.  I know I say this about all of my kids, but you really do have so much personality.  It could fill a room.  You're hilarious and sweet and grumpy and crazy and tender and rough and funny, funny, funny all rolled into one.  I didn't realize how amazing the gift I was receiving was 3 years ago, but I realize it a little more every day. You are so amazing, Oak Gideon, so darn amazing.  I love you, my baby boy, so darn much.

Happy, Happy 3rd Birthday, Oakie Boy!!!