Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Say hello to Baldy.

My husband informed me that my last post was boring (gee...I wonder who deals with the majority of potty training in our house?).  To him I say:


To rest of you who stick with me, boring posts or not, here's a freebie to make you smile.

 Say hello to Baldy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

potty training knowledge eternal

Poor little neglected blog readers (I still have some, right?).  Did ya know I actually had to schedule time to update.  I had ignore my new accounts on pinterest and facebook (I know, I know, I eventually caved under the pressure of joining the 21st century), the laundry, the dishes, my hair, my children (what, you don't neglect your children for the sake of the blog? goody two shoes.), unfinished sewing, the tempting haystacks the kids and I made last night (although I can't promise you there isn't peanut butter smudges on the keyboard.  sorry, spence.), etc, etc, etc.

I hope you feel special.

Now...onto the post.

yay! yay!, I have a new formspring question to answer!


I wish I was the holder of potty training knowledge eternal, but alas, I am not.  I've managed to potty train 3 stubborn little hooligans, but a lot of it was luck rather then knowledge.  That being said, I'll share whatever little insight I've gained with you.

The single most important thing I've found is that they have to be ready.  When they're truly ready, things go smoothly.  If they aren't, they'll fight it every friggin' step of the way.  You can read book after book on the signs that a child is ready to potty-train, but in the end only they can decide to do it.

That being said, here's a few things I've used with varying degrees of success:
-potty sticker charts (Georgia)
-potty candy (Scarlett-that girl will do most anything for a sugar rush)
-toy rewards (Ezra)
-having to clean up their own messes (Georgia)
-pull-ups (Georgia)
-potty-seat insert (all 3)

As you can tell from the list, Georgia took the most work.  Ezra and Scarlett were significantly easier.  Miss G, however took a very. long. time. to potty train (we're talking well over half a year).  It was messy and difficult and not fun at all.  Again, readiness was an issue there, mixed with a big ol' dose of stubbornness.  Which leads me to my last nugget of advice...

In the words of Mr. Churchill, "never, never, never give up."  That's not to say there's not times when it's best to retreat and regroup...just that potty training sucks but you'll get through it.  Stick with it.  I suggest giving every serious effort a week to two weeks to take effect before taking a breather (and by effect, I don't mean 100% success.  Scarlett has been in panties for nearly a year and still has accidents frequently).  It might take a long time (heaven knows, 2 of my 3 kids still wear pull-ups at nights, so I'm not even done with them), but it's worth it to give each effort a good, hard try because each retreat takes it's toll.  It won't be quick, it won't be easy, and it DEFINITELY won't be clean, so be prepared for that.

So, when it looks like you'll be sending your girl to the prom in diapers, just remember that every mother since the dawn of time has gone through this and has succeeded and you will too.


I was going to post other goings-on, but it'll have to wait.  It's almost time to pick up Ezra from kindergarten and Georgia from preschool and my hair is not done nor makeup on (remember the previously mentioned neglect?).  I'll update again soon, though.  I promise.

thanks for hanging in there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How great is she?

Soooo...guess what I have sitting on my table?  A brand-spankin' new fall centerpiece!  Last winter my mom gave me some old fall decor, including a somewhat-mangy out-dated looking (sorry mom, but it's true) pumpkin full of faux leaves.  This autumn came and I pulled out my fall decor...along with the sad looking little pumpkin.  Well, this past weekend my mom decided to come up for an impromptu visit while Spence did a big ol' bike ride for the National MS Society (which we're all super-proud of him for!) and then went on a recruiting trip for his job down at OSU.  While she was here, she did a little...err...lot of sprucing on the mangy pumpkin.  It's definitely not mangy anymore.  A floral pick here, some berries there, throw in a couple of branches from the yard and...


A fabulous centerpiece is born.

How great is she?  I mean, really?
Thanks mom!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hell is...

...a fabric store with screaming kids insisting you buy random buttons and sparkly fabric and endless rows of material that doesn't include the one fabric you're looking for.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What we've been up to...

Can you believe it's September already?  The summer flew by in a crazy-fast way!  I really expected this summer to be a little lower-key after the birth of my 4th mowgli, but it was not to be.  There was Oak's baby blessing followed by a quick Oklahoma visit with my sister's family, a family reunion in South Dakota, a visit from Spencer's little sisters, Heather and Kim, another quick Oklahoma visit when my other sister visited (Ezra had pinkeye and had to skip school anyway, I promise!), etc. etc. etc.  Alas, the Magnificent Magical Scarlett made our camera card disappear and took all of our summer pictures with it.  So, sorry for the lack of pictorial records for most of those events.  Here's a few events, however, that we DO have pictures for (yay! yay!)...

Over Labor Day weekend my little brother, Jesse, got married in the Oklahoma City Temple.  We're super-excited to have the lovely Miss Hannah as part of our family!

 The Happy Couple

 Our attempt at a grandkid picture with the bride and groom (they were such great sports).  This one is worth the time it takes to click on it for an extra-large dose of humor.  I'm a particularly big fan of Greyson's jumping skills.
(Note the lack of Gunner.  He could not be persuaded to participate.)

 Grandad and Scarlett (the little flirt)

 Grandad doing a darn good job distracting the ever-pouty Georgia

Following the wedding reception in Arkansas (where Hannah's from) we went camping in Devil's Den State Park.  It was so much fun (and let's be honest...a lot of work!  Well, actually a lot more work for Spencer then it was for me.  He spoils me in eternal gratitude for going camping with four kids (including an infant) in the first place.) and we can't wait to go again!  We had a cold front move in which took us by surprise making a camp fire a necessity for warmth instead of a necessity for s'mores.

Gee...I wonder which side of the family they get their eyes from?

hint: not mine.

This is Georgia's new favorite pose (head cocked, hands under chin).  I'd post more pictures of her, but they'd all look pretty much the exact same.

Who could resist a moss-filled dredge of a river?  Obviously not them.

Miss Georgie had her very first day of preschool today!  She was so excited to go and I was pretty excited to have a couple of 2-kid hours myself.  I can't even believe she's gotten so old on me!

She made me promise to let her take a picture of me if she let me take a picture of her.  So, here's one of her...

...and one of me.

 Happy First Day, Georgia Marie!