Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I've been tagged!

So, Kristin tagged me...

Five things I was doing ten years ago...
1.) Just barely getting to wear makeup. Heaven knows it's done wonders!
2.) Eagerly looking forward to my 13th birthday when I could finally become a mature
3.) Wearing lots of button-down shirts tucked in with belts.
4.) Reading everything in sight.
5.) Trying my darndest to be as cool as my older sisters and their friends.

Five things on my to-do list today...
1.) Check out that book for the book club blog.
2.) Make cookies for tonight's ward party.
3.) Hide the candy from Ezra (even harder when I'm eating it).
4.) Start the laundry.
5.) Survive.

Five snacks I enjoy...
1.) Candy (especially smarties, skittles, and candy canes)
2.) Saltine crackers w/a piece of ham and a pickle slice on it (I have to forgo the cheese for now)
3.) Everything bagel w/butter
4.) Oranges
5.) My son's fruit snacks

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire...
1.) Pay off student loans.
2.) Buy Spencer and me new bikes.
3.) Buy a Toytoa Sequoia.
4.) Buy a cute, new house.
5.) Give back.

Three of my bad habits...
1.) Biting my nails.
2.) Leaving my clothes on our bedroom floor.
3.) Leaving tasks half finished to go start something else.

What...we only have to list three bad habits!

Five places I have lived...1
1.) Stillwater, OK
2.) Provo/Springville/Spanish Fork, UT
3.) Logan, UT
4.) Lexington, KY
5.) Corvallis, OR

Five jobs I've had...
1.) Babysitter
2.) Braum's (restaurant) worker
3.) Telemarketer, but let it be known that I wasn't selling anything, just offering a free service :P I absolutely hated that one and only lasted about a month.
4.) Interlibrary Loan (borrowing) worker in the Harold B. Lee Library
5.) Mommy, which is easily the best and hardest job I've ever done. (I don't know...I really liked that library job...;)

Five things people probably don't know about me...
1.) I still feel guilty about being mean to my brother Jesse from like 15 years ago.
2.) I loathe most any kind of housework.
3.) I'm crazy jealous of anyone who is super-active. I wish that was me, but it just isn't!
4.) I am very picky about the art work that goes up in my home, I abhor Thomas Kinkaid and decorator art. Just because it goes with my decor, doesn't mean that stupid painting of a butterfly is going up. (sorry, Kristin, I totally stole this one from you...but we're so much alike anyway, so I knew you wouldn't mind:)
5.) I am probably one of the most stubborn people you've ever met. I'm not quite sure whether that's a bad or a good thing.

Good for you if you've made it this far! Have a fabulous day!

Liberty, Stephanie, Kristin, Erica, and Megan...consider yourself tagged! For instructions, check out Melissa's blog.


Lib said...

That is fun! I have to tell you, though, I don't know many other bloggers. I'll have to do that for my nest entry. It was fun reading about you! I love you!

lib said...

Sorry...I seem to leave so many typos in my wake! I'm holding Gunner and battling Gav...

Zachary said...

You are so YOUNG. Oh and some of us already knew you were stubborn.