Saturday, May 9, 2009

To my husband...

The Master of Science

People say
we've come a long way
to graduation day
in this long-awaited May

From Provo's mounts
to Stillwater's plain
the memories gained
have made us never the same

A's and B's you've recieved
though not all a breeze
you've avoided any D's
for which we're all relieved

We're out to try a new land
so on to Kansas City we go
Master's degree in hand
HVAC systems you will grow

And so, my dear, you see
together we've been
and together we'll forever be
Congrats to you (and me)!

Spencer and his adviser, Dr. Cremaschi

Scarlett and me hanging out during the ceremony

Spencer standing in his psychrometric chamber
(he designed it, led the building of it, and then based his thesis around it)

Spencer and his parents, Richard and Carole Lifferth

Spencer with me and my parents, Lili and Reed Holyoak

My sweet sister Stephanie and us


kristin said...

Congrats to Spencer! And that skirt is so dang cute. I wants it :)

Monica said...

Your sister and mom are as beautiful as you are!

Congrats Spencer!

Liz said...

Congratulations to both of you! Good luck with the upcoming move!

Zachary said...

Congratulations Spencer! That is such an amazing accomplishment! Way to go!

And way to go Whitney on the Poem writing! And for supporting Spencer through all of this!

Deb Nott said...

Congrats to both of you! You earned it as much as he did!

The DeVito's said...

Congrats to Spencer! You look just like your mom!!

Coty* said...

YAY to you both! such an accomplishment! You look smashing Whitney!
Have fun in Kansas City!

ps L.O.V.E. the you and so schnazzy!

camille said...

Whitney, what a cute poem. I love your skirt, so full of life. huge congrats to Spencer. I remember the day very well when Donald got his Masters,I was over come with emotion of all sorts at the accomplishment that was made thru all the trials and sacrifice. It really was a blessed experience.

Good luck on your move to Kansas.

sharon said...

Congratulations to Spencer. Way to go on such a great accomplishment. Whitney I didn't even recognize your mother,the new hair cut makes her look so much younger, You look great Lili, and so do you whit and Steph. Okay Spencer and Reed looks nice too.

Kit said...

Congratulations Spencer!!! I am so proud of you. I know it has been a lot of hard work. You are a fabulous daddy, husband and student. Kudos to you for learning how to balance it all!!! We love you!!!

Whit-congratulations to you for lasting through it. You're a wonderful partner. I'm so excited for you both and your soon-to-happen future!

PS-you look fab!!!

Alabama Apples said...

Okay, so that was me the previous comment, not Kit (although I'm sure you've figured it Kit talks like that)

Caldwell Family said...

Great job! That is awesome! Brian and I are still working on the getting the push to get the schooling done, we're just not quite there yet. Things have taken us for a ride. I'm glad that you are done with school! YEAH for you!!

PatShala said...

Congratulations Spencer! All of the years of schooling will now pay off! We are so proud of you and excited for you! Tell us how the real world is! We will be on our way in January!!! We love you guys and your adorable family!

Steph said...

Congrats to the Lifferth family!!! I know it's a huge accomplishment and sacrifice for the whole family and I am sooo proud of you all.
Spence, you are a fantastic brother-in-law. I couldn't be luckier. I am so glad that you took Whitty on. ;) You have made us all so proud. Good luck on your new job in KS. We will miss you and your adorable and much loved family. You will be succesful wherever you go.
K- Whit. I am proud of you for all your support and love. You are a trooper...all those late nights and weekends...need I say more? ;) You are a wonderful sis and I am so blessed to call you sister and friend. You will be wonderful in KS and they will be thanking their lucky stars to have a family as fanstastic as yours up there.
p.s. your skirt IS fab and you are as darling (probably more!) as everyone says. :)

Gretch said...

That is AWESOME!! Way to GO to both Spencer and you! Really, congratulations that is a huge accomplishment! Just one question. So what does a psychrometric chamber exactly do?

Aubrey said...

Congrats to Spencer and you - heaven knows the support you gave to get him through Grad school! I'm so excited for you both. And cute skirt. ;)

The Wright's said...

Your creative side appeared all of a sudden - you've been writing poems galore!

Congratulations to Spencer!! WAHOO! That is very, very exciting.

Smiley Family said...

Very, very impressive. Congrats!