Friday, July 9, 2010

Oklahoma and all that jazz

Are you guys ready for the upcoming mish-mash of pictures? I'm not even going to pretend like this post has any cohesiveness to it, because it pretty much doesn't. Just consider yourselves warned.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I spent early June down in the ol' O.K. While there, we had loads of crazy fun, emphasis on the crazy...10 kids, ages 8 and down and 7 adults, all staying in the same house will do that to ya. While I'm a loser and didn't take pictures of half of the stuff we got up to, I thought I'd share the bits and pieces I did manage to collect...

Best Frenemies Forever

Cooper (Humphrey) and Gavin (Applegate) feelin' the love

Georgia and Ella (Humphrey) are the best of friends. I swear, they're absolutely attached at the hip whenever we're with them (which, for a year and a half of Gee's life was nearly every. single. day.)

*note: there is a third to this company. Gunnison (my nephew) is smack in the middle of Ella and Georgia age-wise. They're best buddies and are always together, I just oddly didn't seem to get any pictures of all three together this go-round. bummer.

If you think Georgia riding on top of Ella's car (both in full royal regalia) is exciting, you should've seen when Scarlett got in on the act.

G & E being butterflies. Yes, I know one has ladybug wings on and the other has bumblebee ones, but I won't tell them if you don't.

Gunnison (Applegate) and Georgie going in for a hug

Scarlett sharing her shoes with Emmeline (Applegate)*

Scarlett thought "Baby Em-Em" was the best thing since sliced bread and nutella.

*yay! yay! for an Applegate girl! Never thought you'd see one of those, did ya?


I'm tellin' ya, if you're ever doing the whole Route 66 thing, stopping by Pops, which is only the coolest soda pop shop ever, is an absolute must!

A verrrrrry satisfied Gavin (Applegate)

I'm in love with the fact they have these juice sippies for the littlest so that I don't have to pay for a big ol' pop bottle she's just going to break, spill, and/or dump out on the concrete and dance in.

Miss Ella Grace (Humphrey)

Georgia, Mimi, and Georgia's (predictably) pink pop

The oh-so-handsome Josiah (Applegate)

Endless amounts of sugary nectar? Pretty sure you know why Ezra is smiling so big.

An adorably-sweaty and pink-cheeked Greyson (Humphrey)

Goodness, is that really all the Oklahoma pictures I got? Scratch the half, guess I only got pictures of one-tenth of the craziness we got up to. Moving on then...

Fourth of July

We started off the weekend with a wonderful 3 mile hike up in Missouri (sorry, we totally forgot the camera. oops. On second thought, it might be for the best since I had really, reeeeally bad hair that day). It was a little longish for the kids, even with the hour-long lunch break in the middle, so I don't know if we'll try one over 2 miles again for a while. Overall, though, it really was a lot of fun.

We spent Sunday going to church (where we battled *all* of our children the entire time) and then making patriotic cupcakes. I kept on reminding Ezra and Georgia why we were making the cupcakes red (although really they ended up being more pink then red), white, and blue, but they were still a little disgruntled that there wasn't any purple or green in the mix.

This is Scarlett's newest "cheese" face. Lovely, isn't it? :P

The ever-enthusiastic Chef Ezra

Oh look, it's Georgia being nearly naked again. shocker.

The Finished Product:
(pssst...these are actually only a picture of the ones that Ezra and I decorated. Believe you me, you really don't want to see a close-up of the ones that the girls did.)

Other Random Pictures

Lately, Ezra has taken to sneaking into the girls' bedroom late at night and sleeping with them. While I most definitely don't hope to be repeating those words later in life, right now I think it's kinda cute. (we were going through some of the girls' clothes, hence all the boxes)

A (blurry) picture of Scarlett showing everyone her huge mouth. What, you might ask, can one do with a mouth that ginormous? drumroll please....


The End.


Steph said...

Yay, yay, yay!! I was so happy you posted. On second thought, I was dismayed that you beat me to the OK post. Oh well, not a real shocker there. ;)
Firstly, (is that a word...shrug) I guess by being the first to post you got dibs on the pics. I was looking through and I have the same ones!! They are cute, none-the-less.
It's true!! The girls can not get enough of each other. It is so sweet. I think you and I were talking about how they are such cute little friends and they love and remember each other so well even though they were both quite young when we moved. They sure don't skip a beat when they get back together, do they?
I had to laugh at the pics of Emme and Scarlie. Not only is Scarlett sharing her shoes...but there are a mish-mash of other girlie shoes lying around that they've been reveling together. Ahhhh, shoes a girl's best friend.
Good 'ol Pops. A fun time for all. I had to laugh at your reasoning for Ez's sugary sweet smile. Awww, who cares if sugar's makes your eldest all sweet and cheesy. Good enough reason to pump him full of the stuff. :) I adore the picture of Mom and Georgia, I want to say that I took it...who knows. It captures such a sweet little moment. The really fun thing is when we're all together there are lots of little moments like that where we get to love on each other. I think that's the best.
Your 4th of July sounded so fun. We need to really start thinking like the Lifferth clan and figure out where some fun hikes are around here. Oh, and btw we a.l.w.a.y.s. love pics--not matter what you hair looks like. Sacrifice for the good of us all!! Scarlie's new "cheese face" is hilarious. She looks a little pained... Your kids are adorable. I want to squeeze them up.
I was looking at your post with Elle and she was oh-so in love with it. When we came to the bottom and she saw binkies in Scarlie's mouth she pointed to the screen and in a breathy voice said "binkies!". She was amazed, jealous and enamored all in one. Way to send off your post with a bang in Ella's book. Well done, well done indeed.

Caldwell Family said...

Your kids are so absolutely adorable! I wish we could visit with you sometime. :)

thereadingmother0708 said...

ROFL @ at the sneaking into the girl's room comment! Cute, cute pictures!

Alabama Apples said...

I'm so not sorry you beat me to posting about OK...we all know I am the WORST with cameras and taking pictures.

I loved every bit of it. It made me smile and my heart ache waaay too much. Gun saw the post as I was reading it. He kept exclaiming over the pictures of everyone. He was so cute when he sighed and said," I love Ella, Georgia, Ezra. They are my friends!" He loves all of the kids. We all miss you!! I love Scarli's big mouth trick. I gotta tell you, that little girl's grin is fabulous! Hugs and kisses!

Gardners said...

My favorite is the picture of the girls on and in the car. They are going to have such fun as teenagers! :) And Scarlett's binkies...if one is good, two is definitely better, right? Miss you!

Jennae said...

I love you and your babies. We need to set up a play date!

Aubrey said...

Your kids crack me up. I'm laughing so hard right now - especially with Scarli's pacifiers. And those cupcakes look yummy. Mind if I have one?

I think that's super cute about Ezra. Kind of reminds me of my brother.

Stephanie Bishop said...

Cousin bonding time is the BEST! We have been doing a lot of that this summer. Ezra is such a protector of his sweet sisters! I love that he sleeps in their room.

Have a fun vacation and hope NO van problems occur!

Megan said...

i love it! you definitely have the most wonderful and talented little kids. i think it's the birth year of 2007. i can hardly keep any clothes on liam! the kid would be naked all day if he had his way. wish we could be closer and have crazy fun days together!