Thursday, August 26, 2010

post-run cuddle

I snapped these pictures this morning while cuddling with a freshly-woken Scarlett after my morning run. She crawled up onto my lap, insisting "Car-yett is big girl! Car-yett Yif-ett is big girl!" in retaliation to an insult, I'm sure. I was all sweaty and zitty, she was goobery and covered in glitter from a heavy application of lipgloss the night before, but it was such a simple moment that I couldn't help but share.

ps-yes, that is a 3-6 mo binky in her mouth and no, she was not allowed to have it.


Kristyn said...

way to go on the running girl!! i definitely need to improve in that dept!

and you look absolutely gorgeous in these pics! seriously, post running or not, you look really beautiful!

Jennae said...

This makes me so glad I'm having a girl!

Aubrey said...

She has your gorgeous eyes Whit. And yay for keeping on the running, go you.

Megan said...

nice work on the running! you are awesome!

Marilee said...

Those cuddly moments are simply priceless. And way to far in between when they get bigger. And good job on the running... I dream of being a runner but HATE IT!!!

Alabama Apples said...

Love my big-girl niece-y. She IS so big. She is one beautiful doll! Hugs and kisses from the missing Auntie!!

PS the kiddies and I heard "sweet caroline" while we were at the park and someone was having a party at the next pavilion over. I thought of all of you and smiled!

Coty said...

Cute Pics.

Whitney, I cant believe how gorg you look after a run. I sweat like a donkey (i'd say pig...but they don't sweat?!?) when I run...seriously, my hair looks like I just took a shower (but it's sweat, you wanted to know this.)

Our kiddos grow up too fast huh. Soak up these snuggle moments Mama, cause they're on to other things before we know it.

Zachary said...

Dear Whitney-
I apologize for my lack of commenting as of late...I have no excuse. But I will be working on rectifying the situation.

I still love you and your family, and your blog...which I do read.



Erica said...

look at you up and running in the morning - way to go!!!