Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bazillion Picture Catch-Up

We have had a very busy couple of months around here! August was just insane followed by an equally insane September. Here's a bit of what's been going on around here...

(warning: VAST amounts of un-chronological pictures following)

Ezra's first day of preschool. As I'm sure you can tell, he was verrrry excited.

(ps-I made Georgia's dress this last August. Isn't it adorable? Thanks Grandma B and Mom for the material (circa 1971), pattern, and endless amounts of patience!)

My sister Stephanie and her lovely daughter Ella came to visit a few weeks back, followed by her sons Cooper and Greyson and husband Phillip a week or so later. We attempted to do and see as much as possible with so many kids running around.

We visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art's Sculpture Park

(The giant shuttlecock is by the husband and wife team of Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen)

There was much hill-rolling to be done there.

We couldn't resist the lure of the Crown Center...twice.


There was the giant Crayola Store

If you've ever spent time with Greyson, you know just how seriously the boy takes his mac and cheese.

They had the best Clifford (ya know, the big red dog) interactive exhibit going on.

Indoors or out, the girls always manage to find flowers to pick.

Ezra's treasures from the beach/sand table

Ella and Georgia as T-Bone and Cleo, respectively

Would you like germs with that?

The fountains are always a must-do.

Isn't this the sweetest picture ever?

There's the necessary Plaza visit

The boys just HAD to get a up-close look at this wicked Mystery Machine look-alike.

Church Sites!

Ezra and Spencer at Liberty Jail

The Boys
(man, Ezra has some bad hair in this picture...and bad outfit...and non-matching shoes. yeah, I didn't have much input on this one.)

The Girls

Scarlett thinks that Greyson pretty much walks on water. Every red-headed boy she sees is Greyson to her. It's adorable.

Giddy-up, Cowboys!

Cooper sweeping the hearth in his frontier cabin

In other news...

My little brother Jesse came home from his year-long visit to Japan (he was doing a college-level foreign exchange). I took the kids down for a weekend visit to see him. Jesse's practically my arm, he's so much a part of me, so I was very excited to have him home again.

A big THANK YOU to Hannah since I totally stole this picture. I was a loser and took not a single picture when I visited Oklahoma.

We had a super-fun (and full) visit from Spencer's little brother Eric and sister Heather. Heather recently returned from her mission in Bangkok, Thailand, so it was a great excuse to get them out here to see us. I was, predictably, a picture-taking slacker, so if someone wants to send me a few of theirs *cough*Heather*cough* I promise they'll make it up here.

Oh look, my children looking like un-loved ragamuffins again. shocker.

The End.

ps-I have an answer to post for one of my formspring questions (refer to previous post), so check back soon!


Aubrey said...

Look at you busy bee. If it makes you feel any better my children look like ragamuffins all the time and I've just stopped caring. And they never match. Well, Lillian does sometimes...

Alaina and Mitchell said...

How cute!! I love the "would you like germs with that?" picture :o) How awesome! You're hilarious.

Megan said...

impressed with how much you run around with your kids, you are wonder woman!!

kristin said...

I love that your kids are always in a state of disarray, just like mine is. I fear for the day when I have more than one, cause she looks mowgli enough for a whole tribe of children.

And well, my face was very clear in high school until I moved to Utah for college and it broke out like crazy. It got really bad while I was preggo and has let up just a bit since. But it seems I will never have such pretty skin again. So don't worry, I'm just as zity as the next girl these days :)

The DeVito's said...

Look at Jesse all grown up! I forget there are boys in your family too! Love all the pictures and Bella has the same PJ shirt as Scarlett

The DeVito's said...

Look at Jesse all grown up! I forget there are boys in your family too! Love all the pictures and Bella has the same PJ shirt as Scarlett

Annie said...

With these long posts, I always forget what I was going to comment about... got distracted by looking at Hannah's blog... oh, yeah, we took the boys to Fritz's too when we went to visit Alex's aunt. They loved the train meal delivery. And great job on the dress!

Alabama Apples said...

Oooh, I love picture posts! Some of my favs! My only downer about this post is that we weren't visiting, too. Boo...although, Spencer would probably have had a heart attack with not one Holyoak girl, but 3 in the house! ;) Not to mention oh-so-many beasties/beasettes running around. I do know we can't wait to visit you-SO many fun things to do there! I'm jealous! :)

I love that Spencer rolls down the hills with the kiddies, so cute. Is that in your yard, or somewhere special?

I laughed so hard at the Mystery Machine, Gav and Jos are gonna be SO envious!

Fab pictures of everyone-girls together, boys together...wonderful!

Thanks for tackling this beast of a post. I ADORED it!

Gardners said...

Whitney, I love your kids' faces! They are so expressive of their personalities. They are going to conquer the world, aren't they? I have the same picture of my kids on that pioneer wagon when they were younger. Good times!

Zachary said...

Hey...Mac and Cheese is supposed to be taken very seriously.

Hannah Elizabeth said...

Great pictures! Georgia and Ella are so sweet together, especially at the fountain. Such beautiful children (and parents) all around!

I can't wait to read your formspring post, I'm sure it will be great one! :)