Monday, January 10, 2011

"Another shot of tylenol, anyone?" and other musings

Sorry for the long hiatus. What with the holidays and uber-long vacation in Stillwater and Amarillo (you know, the kind of vacation that isn't actually really a vacation ;), blog posts have been scarce, not to mention blog-checking on my part. Be patient, oh loyal readers, pretty soon I'll be back in the swing of things. In a complete lack of chronological order, here's a quick catch-up.

So, Spencer spent Friday evening in the ER with Scarlett.

[I'm interrupting this regularly scheduled blog post in order to put racing hearts at rest. EVERYTHING IS OK.]

About 3:30 that afternoon, while I was at a midwife appointment, Spencer found Scarlett using the medicine cup as a shot glass and guzzling Children's Tylenol faster then tequila (we'd had it out because Georgia had been running a fever off and on for a while). He had no idea how much she'd consumed, but she had a pretty well-defined grape-flavored mustache by that point in time. Like any other veteran parent, Spence called our good, close friends, Poison Control (bless their wonderful, non-judgmental hearts) and gave them the details of the situation. As we didn't know how much she'd drunk (according to Little Miss, she'd had somewhere between 2 and 20 cup-fulls, or "a little bit"), we were advised to take her into the ER after a 4 hour wait (so that the medicine would be in her system long enough to show up on the test). So, at 7:30pm, off they headed to Overland Park Regional for the unintended Daddy-Daughter date. When the couple finally made it past the waiting room, there was much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth as the nurses had to hold Scarlett down and draw blood for the test. They left a PICC line in just in case, which she was none too happy about. It took about 45 minutes or so to get the results back from the test, when we learned that Scarlett's blood level was at a 44 and toxicity level would've been at 118 (at which point in time, we'd be worried about severe liver problems and a host of other issues). As 118 would've been roughly half a bottle of children's tylenol (or 2 fl oz), we can tell that Scarlett drank a little less then a quarter of a bottle. I'm not sure what that would translate to in tequila shots, however.

Ya wanna know the biggest irony of the situation? The ginormous fit Ezra and Georgia threw when they weren't allowed to go with Spencer and Scarlett to the ER (Ezra kept on begging me to "please just be a nice mommy"). Apparently, they think it's *the* place to hang out on a Friday night. They were just so sure they were missing out on some great, exciting time. I explained over and over that all the trip involved was a heck of a lot of waiting and probably a shot or two. Spencer undid all my hard work, however, when he mused out loud that the occasional ER sighting of a bone sticking out of a limb is pretty exciting, actually.

For the worry warts among you, here's living proof that Scarlett survived to tell the tale.


Christmas this year was spent at home and filled with food, fun, and coordinating jammies.

Not to mention plenty of Richard Nixon-like enthusiasm to go around

(I know, I know, but I just couldn't resist. Can you blame a girl?)


In other news, we now have another Nursery graduate in the house. Yesterday, Georgia attended her very first Sunbeam class. We had missed the previous week since there was a bunch of sickies in my sister's house down in Amarillo so it was all new and fresh for Georgia. I was a tiny bit worried about her since she had such a slow warming to nursery, but she jumped in feet first. The draw of being Big Like Ezra was enough for her. The topics of sunbeams was discussed briefly in my 3rd hour youth class and I couldn't help but smile at the definition. How appropriate that little 3-4 year olds are described as rays of sunshine. Georgia definitely brings her own little ray of sunshine into our home.


I was going to post a current belly picture (I'm about 16 1/2 weeks), but ran out of motivation (not to mention I'm currently wearing one of Spencer's shirts, my hair isn't done, and I have no makeup on). However, I figured this was a decent-sized post without it. So, you get what you get and you don't get upset.

The End


Aubrey said...

Wooo - I'm the first to comment! Ah that sucks about Scarlett, what a little stinker. If I remember correctly this isn't the first time Scarlett has tried drinking/eating things that she shouldn't be. ER visits are never fun and full of waiting but I'm glad everything turned out well. Yay for Christmas and nursery grads.

Crapos said...

we've done the same ER/Tylenol thing. Only when we did it the poison control failed to mention that you have to wait four hours first so they were at the hospital all night long.

Catherine said...

ah, those are some good friends at poison control, we talk often! Glad that she didn't get too much down! it amazing how quick those kiddos can be when they are being naughty huh? why can't they get their shoes or seat belts on that fast?! Glad you had a great Christmas and dthat all is well, we are in the sunbeams stage with Cameron and it isn't going well! To bad I am in the presidency, or it wouldn't be my problem! ;) miss ya girlie!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

I love it! I just love reading your blog. I wish my long posts were as entertaining as yours! Yours always fly right by and I'm left wanting more! PS--I LOVE the Nixon picture! How hilarious!!

I don't need a belly picture, i'll be living on your street for two weeks starting on WEDNESDAY!! Woo hoo! My mission is to make my mom like their new house more. It still doesn't feel like home to her...wish me luck! :o)

Steph said...

Ha-lar-ious!!! Seriously, that picture is a true classic. I laughed soo hard out loud. You are way too funny for your own good, Miss Whit.
Thank you for taking time, energy and everything else it takes to come to my house. Seriously you are a life-saver. You helped me get done things I abhor whne it comes to moving. Ahhh (think angel, type aura singing) and a halo around your head. ;)
Thanks for the pics, your babies are so cute I could eat them right up. Hallelujah for the good stamp of health on Scarli...that naughty little imp. Give her a squeeze from me anyway.
The jam-jam pics are so cute. You, errr the elves did a smash-up job picking them out.
Yay for Sunbeams. Georgia is so cute and I love-love her dress. Love it!! I'm glad she made the transition well. Elle-bell did as well. I think I'm for-ever in debted to Sister Lovett for getting my daughter over her fear of nursery/church. Bless her heart. Thanks for the post/visit/laughs, laughs, laughs, get the picture. Love you and your little mowglis. :)

Megan said...

can you blame ezra and georgia for wanting to hang out in the er? honestly, who wouldn't want to on a friday night? favorite pasttime of mine, you know! glad spencer saw the true glory and blood and guts fun in it! your kids are adorable. weston and i have already decided we will take a trip out to visit ya'll once stateside. wahoo!

Marilee said...

Georgia really was cute yesterday she kept turning around and smiling at Ezra and waving. And she even went up in sharing time to help.

kristin said...

Oh that's classic.Be sure to keep a close eye on her in her teenage years.... I once found Evie chewing on an ant trap when she was 8 or 10 mo old. That was the day Poison Control became #4 on my speed dial :)

Rachel Teran said...

Love love love! Georgia's dress is just adorable, and I loved the Christmas jammies. So fun :)

The Wright's said...

Now I know this isn't a funny post - but it totally was! Better watch that girl! Sounds like you might have a potential problem on hand (in more ways than one!) What a great story!! I love it.

Jennae said...

Oh... how I'm glad you are back home. I finish work this week. We should play date next week if I don't have a baby.

holyoak said...

Only a few bone sticking out - no GSW (gun shot wounds), drunken vomit eruptions? Bummer! Must not have been a "city" ER. How disappointing for Spencer!

Perhaps the inquisitive Scarlett learned a lesson. I don’t think it would be too hard to remind her that when she gets into something she shouldn’t she may get to have another needle planted somewhere? Or would that just make her dislike the Dr.’s office. I don’t know. Perhaps her wonderful wordsmithing mother can craft an appropriately intimidating yet appropriately directed warning that would effectively preclude future escapades, yet fail to cause undue duress when it comes to the medical profession as a whole… ;) I know, tell her that as now she knows what happens to little girls who drink medicine when they should not, she can one day grow up to be the one who pokes them with needles so that they will be saved and learn their lesson too!! Alas, I shall leave the crafting to the wordsmith…

Love the pictures... Nixon included!

Coty said...

Georgia's dress is adorable. I hate the ER. I love sunbeams and I adore your "elf delivered" Christmas it too late in the game for me to steal that idea??? Too cool!
I need a preggo belly shot....stat.

Kim said...

Yay! You're back! I've been missing you and your musings terribly. Plus there are more than one reasons why we are related to your children. One time (I don't think Spencer was there...but maybe he was...) while we were being babysat, we played restaurant or something. Eric sold Kyle, Heather and I flinstone vitamins. Clearly the babysitter sucked. When mom came home, she had to rush us to the hospital.

I guess it's not tequila...but it's close enough...

Zachary said...

What?? When were you in Amarillo? I was just outside of there!
Glad that everyone is ok...ERs ARE fun to hang out in...but not really, I am lying.