Thursday, February 24, 2011

Musheireb Mustache Day

A couple of weeks ago, my not-so-fashion-minded husband came up with the brilliant idea of having everyone in his little area of the cubicle world sport a mustache for a day.  They would spend the next week boycotting all shaving and would then shave a 'stache on the appointed day.  It would be called Musheirab Mustache Day and is a date which will live in least in my book anyway.

As some of y'all know, I love facial hair on a guy.  There's something about it that just looks so masculine to me.   I find it particularly flattering on Spencer as it defines his jaw and makes him look somewhere around his actual age versus his clean-cheeked 19 year old alter-ego. Mustaches...however...not so much (unless, of course, you happen to be tom selleck, my father, or my father-in-law).

Ahhh, Tommy Boy.  One of the extremely rare manly-men who can pull off a 'stache with flying colors

It's not that I have anything against mustaches in general, per se, I just don't like them on many people, especially not my husband.  Let's put it this way...if a mustached-version of Spencer was wearing sweatpants, a gray zip-up jacket, and hanging around a elementary school or park, I wouldn't be the least surprised if a monitor asked him to move along.

Regardless, February, Friday the 18th or Musheirab Mustache Day came and went, all mustachioed up, whether I wanted it to or not.

Here's the proof:

A whole flock of mustachioed engineers
(promise they all have them, even if you can't see them in this picture)
The 'stached man himself
(note that this was a day or two later when a tiny bit of his goatee had begun to grow back, thank heavens)

I'm happy to report that nearly a week later, we're almost back to goatee-worthy facial hair, praises be.  I'm sure Spencer is a little relieved himself since he hasn't been seeing much action since :P

Spencer wanted to me put up a poll asking if people liked his short-lived mustache.  I'm going to assume my readers have better taste then that.  If you don't, however, feel free to let us know in the comments ;)


Alabama Apples said...

Oooh, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!!-Of course, I was delaying running to the bathroom so I could read your post. Oh, Spence...I would have to ask you to pass on the 'stache. I agree with Whit, when she says only a few men can pull of the manly mustache. Kit is definitely in the "Wimpy from Popeye" and "Pedophile Watch" categories when he's sporting one, too. What is it when the mustache day? At our last station, they would have a yearly mustache day...ugggh. Thankfully, they haven't started one around here!

Megan Tea said...

so funny! Yeah, I agree it is rare to be able to pull off the mustache. In fact, I think Tom is really the only one! Fun idea though.

Caldwell Family said...

I'm not a fan of the stache on many people. Brian certainly can't pull it off. My dad can, and I actually hate it when it's gone. But yeah, if you're gonna have facial hair, better have the goatee or nothing, and in Brian's case, it's nothing cause it just doesn't grow. (He looks dirty when he tries to grow hair. :)) Don't tell him I said that. :)

Annie said...

Not a fan of facial hair! Starting to look like Dr. Phil here, but at least Spencer still has hair on his head... it's a friendly look though. It does look better with more than just the mustache, but I still won't let Alex have facial hair.

Alaina and Mitchell said...

hahaha hilarious!!! :o) I don't care for facial hair at all. Mitch will grow scruff and hold Nathan right below his chin and "comb" his hair with his beard...we get bored around here :o)

Kim said...

Gross! That's all I have to about that.

Marilee said...

I am glad to see that there was a reason for the stash other than spencers new love for looking like joe dirt

Zachary said...

Dude...I'm sorry but no. Big No. I still love you though Spencer. Way to give it a go.

Aubrey said...

Oh that's great. I love it (and kind of wish Carlin worked with such fun guys). And when I say I love it, I mean I love the whole concept and idea, but you're right, Spencer should stick with the goatee.

P.S. The guy to the left of Spencer kind of looks like one of Carlin's engineering buddies from school... weird.

Megan said...

oh man, that is so great! you two crack us up! spenc, the 'stache is definitely creepy. i've always thought it makes one look like a creepy '80's dude. you sport the goatee much better!