Monday, February 27, 2012

does a daddy proud

Ezra and I had an interesting conversation today.  He said,

"We can't go on a trip for a long time because we have to save up our money.  Trips cost lots of money.  We have to pay for lots of things like gas.  Gas costs a lot of money so we have to save up."

I dare say it was my husband's proudest moment ever.


Jennae said...

If this were a newspaper, I would circle it and rip it out to hang on my refrigerator! I love it!!!

Alabama Apples said...

Love it!!! Yes, I can just see Spence chortling to himself...very pleased indeed.

Steph said...

What a smart little man...and yet the topic is SO depressing!! Who wants to discuss saving money?!! Not me. Let's throw caution to the wind and go for a trip. :)

Aubrey said...

I totally commented on this but my comment isn't showing up. I think I said something along the lines of "good man, that Ezra!"