Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello World!

I can't believe it's already been nearly 2 weeks since Mr. Fischer Jack arrived!  It's been crazy, but oh-so-perfect too.  He is just so darn precious.  So far, he's been my easiest newborn, with nice long bouts of sleeping and minimal gassiness.  He doesn't even spit up.  like at all. literally.  It's insanity after having 4 reflux babies (I'd be lying to say I'm not a teeeeny bit disappointed to not get to use all those fun burp cloths I've made).  He's yet to have a blow-out diaper either.  In fact, it's a wonder his clothes get changed at all.  I can't quite believe my luck.  We'll see if it lasts, considering newborn personalities seem to change weekly.

The kids are all in seventh heaven with a new baby around.  Well...most of them anyway.  Oak has had a rough transition, but I think he's finally coming around.  He has started to ask where the baby is when I'm not holding him and yesterday I even caught him trying to share a toy with Fischer (he was actually quite upset that the baby wouldn't take the toy from his hand and kept on yelling, "Baby...Hold!...Baby!...HOLD!" until he finally just left it in Fischer's lap in disgust.  Oak will still occasionally chuck the baby's binky away from him but at least he's no longer growling at him when he catches Fischer looking his way.  Both my mom and sister, Stephanie, came to help out with the 5th baby transition at mostly different times (with one day of overlap), which was super-nice!  I think it helped Oak, in particular, to have extra people here to give him some lovin'.

The older three think the baby is great fun, however, and beg for a chance to hold him whenever they get the chance.  Scarlett, in particular, has taken on the role of Mini-Mama and likes to inform me regularly that she "looks like a little Mommy!" while holding him.  I'm sure we've fueled this fire by telling her how much he looks like her (which is a hecka lot).  I even caught her trying to change his diaper by herself this evening.  I haven't gotten nearly enough pictures of the older 2 holding Mr. F so I'll have to remedy that situation soon and post them since Scarlett manages to get her picture taken quite frequently (I'm sure it helps that she yells, "Mama, take a picture!" all the time while holding him ;).

Since I've had a few questions about his name, here's a rundown: Fischer is a family surname on Spencer's side.  There's quite a few Fischers on his paternal side due to some kissin' cousins, but primarily it's his great-great-grandmother Clara's maiden name (Gretchen's mother, for all you Lifferths reading this).  It's a strong, traditional German name (it means Fisherman, which isn't much of a stretch) and we love how it honors both of our German heritages too.  Fischer's middle name, Jack, honor's Spencer's dad, who shares it as his middle name.  It's also a mash-up of my little brother's names, Jesse and Mack (whose full name is Mackenzie, but he goes by Mack).  It's a good, strong name in honor of good, strong men.

We just love our new little man and can't even wait to get to know him better as he grows bigger.  I already can't imagine our family being complete without him!

and now for the good!

 Freshly sent from above :)

I know, I know, this is a photo-repeat, but I couldn't NOT post a daddy-son picture!

It was love at first for sight Miss S

 ...and she hasn't stopped kissing him since

MiMi (my mom) and Oak checkin' things out
(aaaand this would be the last time he acknowledged Fischer's presence for the next week and a half)

Georgie-Porgie holds him every chance she gets!  It's not uncommon for her to insist on holding him before she leaves for school in the morning and again the minute she gets home in the afternoon.

Ezra is beyond thrilled to have another little brother.  He's even more thrilled that this puts the boys ahead by one with our tie-breaker baby.

lookin' like a chubby, disgruntled, middle-aged man with his Mama

all packed up and ready to go home!

aaaand one more of of my two little brunettes just because I couldn't resist

That's all for the newborn cuteness, but carry on down if you want to read all of the gory birth details (don't worry, they won't be too gory, I'm just copying and pasteing Spencer's rendition to shake things up a bit (ie: I'm feeling lazy)).  Check back for more baby cuteness, though, since I'll be posting the photos from the little newborn shoot my sister did asap!

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