Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pictures of Me and other Random Tidbits

Ahhh! I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. I took a pregnancy pic and everything in the hopes of keeping you updated, and here it is a week later. Anyway, here's a belly picture at 20 and a half weeks (I'm now 21 and a half weeks, by the way):

I'm completely straight out, as I seem to be with all my babies, but I wonder if I'm not carrying a little lower than I did with the other two *shrug*. We'll see as my tummy fills out more.

I dyed my hair last Wednesday...mostly out of boredom. Also, Spencer was due to come home from a conference in Salt Lake that evening, so I was curious to find out how long it'd take him to notice. He kind of has a bad track record when it comes to picking up on things like that. I know, I'm a mean wife for totally setting him up, but at least it was for amusement's sake and not to pick a fight. It took him three hours. He claims he wondered if something was a little different on the way home from the airport, but wasn't sure until he looked at me for a while longer. Oh well, I didn't marry my husband for his keen awareness of all things appearance-oriented.
Before I show you the hair shots, be forewarned that the "after" shot is unrealistically dark. We just couldn't seem to take a true-to-life picture that wasn't blurry. My hair is really a lot more dark brown than black.



On the potty-training front, things are moving verrry slowly, but hopefully in the right direction. Ezra is now exclusively in underpants (except for at night when we put him in pull-ups), however, some days it seems to make little difference to him and we'll have way more accidents than we do successful potty trips. He doesn't like to go to the bathroom (not because he actually has a problem with it, he just doesn't like to be bothered with it) and instead, he believes he can just hold it indefinitely. Eventually, despite his ability to avoid going to the potty for hours on end, the dam does break...and then we have a mess on our hands. I've tried physically putting him on the toilet and holding him there, but that only ends in flailing arms and screaming fits, which usually isn't conducive to potty-going. So, right now we're working on giving him some motivation to want to use the bathroom. We've tried to introduce Potty Candy, the Potty Sticker Chart, and Potty Toys for actually using the bathroom multiple times a day, all without much luck. We're basically down to cheering extensively whenever he goes. He also seems to do a lot better when he decides he needs to use the bathroom, versus me just hounding him until he goes. In typical Ezra fashion, he likes to be in control of things and make the big decisions. I'm figuring I might just have to let him. In the meantime, you'll find me upstairs in the bathroom, ringing Thomas the Tank Engine underpants out.

As for Georgia, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but we officially have another walker on our hands. She's actually been walking for a few weeks now (she took her first steps soon after her first birthday), but has taken her time getting to where she does it often and regularly. I expected her to act like Ezra, who as soon as he figured out why walking is better than crawling, ran away and never looked back. However, as I should expect by now, she was set on doing her own thing. Georgia kind of toyed around with walking for the entire month of June. She'd walk here and there, gradually increasing crawling versus walking ration, to our current state of about 40-60 (in favor of walking). It's actually been kind of a nice break having her walk a bit because it has slowed her down considerably. It's also made me realize it's time to get her some new shoes because when she walks her toes slide forward and hang off the edge of her sandals. So, yay! for new steps and new shoes!

The little ones were having loads of fun outside in the back yard a couple of Saturday mornings ago (they were both still in their jammies, by the way), so Spencer was smart and snapped some pictures.

Ezra was having a lot of fun pulling Georgia around in their wagon

...until Daddy came out and pulled them both around the yard.

They both thought that was only the best thing ever!


Aubrey said...

I think you look darling pregnant, and with your dark hair. You're just so cute! Your kids are getting so big. Hyrum is toying with the idea of walking, but hasn't gotten the courage to just get out and go. Just a few steps here and there... but I'm totally fine with that!

The Jones Family said...

Cute belly! You are always such a cute little pregnant girl.

And the hair...way cute! I love a change :) (and by the way...Justin is the exact same at noticing things. I usually just have to come right out and tell him! Men...we still love 'em though!)

Kika & Trevor said...

I love the new hair! And I need a vacation!

your belly looks so cute!! :)

Zachary said...

I always flail my arms when "potty going". What's the big deal?

Nate, Julie, Cicily & Chase said...

Cute hair! I don't remember ever seeing you with it dark. It's fun to change it up every once in a while. Your kids are so cute! I love the wagon pics. What fun times :)

Brooke said...

Love the pictures of your kids. And I love your little pregnant belly. I'm one that never enjoyed pregnancy and it seems like you do -- that's great. Wish I would have had a more positive attitude. Hang in there with the potty training. It took Jeffrey a long time and I don't even remember the details on the other just know that eventually it will come to him and you'll forget all about the ringing of the underwear out -- well maybe you won't forget about that, but there is hope for him!

The Blueberry said...


I like you with the dark hair better!!! :-)

BTW you have gorgeous pregnancy belly, and I'm soo jealous that you don't seem to look like you're piling up the pounds whatsoever! How did you manage that!

And don't worry about the potty training. Eventually he will get around to doing it, it just happens. You can't rush it ;-) .

Steph said...

Love the belly, love the hair, love the pics. You must have had someone so talented take those belly pics and help you w/your hair...;) Really, I love it. You are so cute w/ light hair, dark hair, no-preggie and preggie.
Yay for successful potty trips and the rest will fall into place. He is already doing better. Keep your chin up. He won't be a 16 yr old asking for the keys and his pull-ups.
Oooo, I love the pics too. Your little kiddos are so cute and I love 'em to death.

whitney said...

Oh no! I completely forgot to give kudos to my sister for dying my hair for me (and taking those oh-so-fabulous pictures). This is my offical announcements that Stephanie did my hair for me and she is the bestest ever b/c of it.

Monica said...

Hey Whitney. I'm a stalker cousin who never comments but always reads. :) I just had to comment on the potty training deal. It's rough and I feel your pain. If someone would have told me potty training a boy was a little bit of hell in a handbasket, well, maybe I would have thought twice about having kids. Really, though, I adore my son but he is almost 5 and we still have the occasional accident. So this is where that whole "patience is a virtue" crap kicks in. I'm sending all my good thoughts your way. If you get fed up, drop me a note. I will listen to any potty training vents you have. :)

The Wright's said...

I like the color! Looks good.

On the PT - good luck. It's tough. I had one JUST like that. He wasn't fully PT until, oh, last year. He just didn't care. If he doesn't, you shouldn't either. Easier said than done...

camille said...

I wish I looked as cute as you do when pregnant! you are stunning! I keep looking at the before and after picture, trying to decide which I like better, and I just can not choose, you look great in both pictures!

Yea for Georgia walking! way to go girl. Sorry the potty training is coming a bit slowere and more challenging than you would like. Hang in there though, you will be turning the corner before you know it and WHAM,,, he will be all potty trained!

Alabama Apples said...

You look really cute! I love the hair and the belly. Give your kiddies kisses from Auntie! Oooh, I'm proud of Ez when he decides to go on the potty...and Georgia's walking-yeah! I love you and I'll call you soon!

Smiley Family said...

Your belly is so cute! And the hair is darling also!

the Hurst's said...

whitney you are CUTE. and just look at that sexy go preggie. yay for spencer to have such a beautiful wifey ;)