Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coming to you live from Springville,'s Friday Night!

( it's a little late and I'm feeling a little corny)

That's right, we're finally in Utah for the holidays. We drove straight through on Wednesday. Spending 18 hours in the car with three kids, three and under (including a newborn) is never fun, but it wasn't too too bad overall. Mostly we're just excited to be here. Ezra can't get enough of the snow and Georgia is s.l.o.w.l.y. warming up to everyone (just don't look at her wrong or she'll give ya the cold shoulder). Before things get really crazy during Christmas, I thought I'd give ya'll a quick little filler post and show you what we've been up to.

Apparently, this is what Spencer and the kids get up to when I'm gone. The crazy thing is, he actually got them to pose for these pictures...with the timer no less! Someone explain to me, please, how I can't get them to pose for a single cute Christmas Card picture in their church clothes and he gets them to wait for the timer to go off with matching poses and underwear on their heads. Someone got it wrong-blondes don't have all the fun. Dads do.

gee, I wonder where my children get their big ol' tongues from?

They even took the time to change underwear for this one

Last Saturday, we went to the Chickasha Festival of Lights with my sister Stephanie and her cute little family. It was so beautiful and Ezra, especially, was thrilled with all the lights. It was well worth the drive (an hour and a half) and definitely got us all in the Christmas spirit.

The little ones all bundled up and ready to go

I rarely like pictures of myself. For some reason, this one struck my fancy so I thought I'd post it.

We kept on trying to get all of the kids to look at the camera and smile for a group picture. Ella was the only one cooperating, so she's the one who got her picture taken.

Take note:
This is one extremely rare pictures of just Spencer and me since our wedding.
I thought it was kinda cute.
(thanks Steph!)

I'm going to make an effort to post pictures of vacation while actually on vacation, so that ya'll won't get picture overload when we get home. Here's hoping I actually do it! Have a fabulous day!


Megan Tea said...

ha ha! looks like you guys are having fun! (I mean who can't have fun with underwear on their head) You look so good! Those are great pictures of you.

Triana said...

How long are you here for!?!?!?!? I must see you and your kiddies!!!
We leave tomorrow (Sunday) but we get back Saturday... But if you have time today, let me know call me at 801-830-3115!!! I would love to see you guys!

Triana said...

How long are you here for!?!?!?!? I must see you and your kiddies!!!
We leave tomorrow (Sunday) but we get back Saturday... But if you have time today, let me know call me at 801-830-3115!!! I would love to see you guys!

kristin said...

I'm expecting a visit :) Just thought I'd let you know.

Aubrey said...

still laughing about the underwear pics...haha... glad to know you made it to Utah safely... Merry Christmas

Love ya... aub. heheheh :)

Adrienne said...

Those underwear pics are so fun! Leave it to husbands to try something new and get it to work perfectly.

And props on traveling 18hrs in the car. That would take me a week to recover. And by the way, #3 is here and I don't know how you do it. Of course, at the moment she still sleeps a lot. We're not taking any trips anywhere. We'll welcome any visitor but I'm not leaving for months!

camille said...

awww, so cute. I hope you guys are having a good Christmas vacation. we don't have a flake in sight here - as a matter of fact, it is 70 degree's out and so so humid.

those pictures with the kids and Spencer - ROFLMBO. your family just cracks me up. I guess the key to getting your kids to pose and smile for the camera is to put underwear on their heads! =)

Alabama Apples said...

Yeah!!! Love the pics, Spence...PLEASE tell me your secret!!!! We love you and miss you tons. By the way, Whit, you look absolutely beautiful. Great pictures of you, cuties. I love you! Please send out updated pictures of Scarlett. Please!

Steph said...

I realized I never commented and this post absolutely DESERVES a comment!! I CAN NOT believe that Spencer got BOTH of your kiddos to smile...on a timer...and look at the camera on every picture!! I mean it's one thing to get one picture but three was it?! So funny. I can barely stop laughing at them.
Yep, chickasha was super. I think one of the funnest times I've been there. Thank you for going with us...puke and all. ;) I, of course, love all the pictures.

coty said...

So, I love the new background.
AND, I can't believe the unbelievable either...all looking at the camera, smiling no less, cha.
Well Whit, from one SAHM to another looks like a few extra pairs of undies in the diaper bag is a must...especially when taking pictures!!!

Tine said...

Yay! So glad you got my comment and now we can keep in touch! I just love your fabulous children and I am a huge fan of their names! You look just great!

Caldwell Family said...

That's great!! They look so cute, even with underwear on their heads. I absolutely love that picture with you and Spencer. You look great by the way! It's so good to be in touch again!