Thursday, January 8, 2009

So much to post about, yet so little time

ok, so I'm a loser and didn't get a chance to post while still in Utah. Actually, to be honest, there actually was buckets o' chances, but I was just too lazy to go hunt down the camera cord *sigh*

Now that I'm home and things are slowly getting back to normal, the time has come to update the blog. You see, I have a fair amount of musings to fill ya'll in on...

First off, Georgia isn't always a mogli. I realized, while looking at past posts, that nine times out of ten, I post pictures of my daughter looking like a vagabond. To remedy that, I am posting a picture of her looking all cute and ready to go out and face the world. As you can see, she doesn't always have food on her face and John Denver hair.

We all had loads of fun in Utah, but to Ezra it was a magical, mystical place. It might as well had a couple of fairies and talking animals in his book.
PS-we were visiting Spencer's family the entire time, so all the "Aunts" and "Uncles" you see are Spence's little brothers and sisters.

Playing in the snow with Aunt Leslie

Helping Grandpa shovel the driveway

Hanging out in the Hot Pots

Bowling with the boys:

Grandpa and Uncle Kyle

(I was actually hitting up Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale during their bowling extravaganza. Who doesn't love cheap bras and lingerie?)

The Girls had their fair share of good times too...

Georgia blowing her toenails dry after Aunt Heather painted them

Taking a break in Daddy's arms

Helping Grandma decorate Christmas cookies

Chillin' with Aunt Kimberly

Dipping pretzels in safe chocolate

Christmas Festivities
Scarlett and Ezra showing off their Christmas Jammies

Is she not friggin' adorable?

Uncle Eric and Ezra on Christmas Eve

Cheesin' it for the camera

Poor boy was speechless when he saw his, Georgia's, and Scarlett's combined gift from Santa

Georgia checking out her new dishes ($5 from Wal-Mart-what a steal!)

Georgia playing with her brand new doll and cradle

And last but not least...

My sister Liberty thinks I've been neglecting Scarlett in the last few posts...and I'd have to agree. So, to my darling sister who has been begging me for more of Littlest, here ya go:

(Sorry about the sideways video, I wasn't being particularly bright at the time. Yes, she's on my bed and No, it's not made.)

I'm super-impressed if you made it through my Uber Post. Hope you enjoyed and have a fabulous day!


Justin and Jessica said...

Adorable pictures. Looks like a lot of fun!! Your kids are adorable. And Avery got the same kitchen from Santa!! Isn't it awesome!?

kristin said...

Evie has the same "Little Lady" pink onesie! Gotta love Target :)

Your kids are too darn cute. Miss you tons!!!

kristin said...

Oh, remember how we were talking about diaper bags? I noticed when we got back from CA that my sugarbooger bag is falling apart!!! Arrgg! Now which one do you have again?

Carrie said...

WTH is a hot pod?!

Alabama Apples said...

Oh thank you for this post! I loved seeing your kiddies. I miss you all so much! Thank you, thank you for the video of Scarlett. She is so cute!!! I LOVED Georgie in her outfit by the kitchen set. Oh my gosh is she beautiful! Ezra looks so grown up. It is crazy how much they quickly. Please give them loves from Auntie! I hope they still remember me!

whitney said...

The Hot Pots are some local hot springs.

Caldwell Family said...

You have such cute kids! I just realized that you and I have kids approximately the same age. Also, I'm having kids at about the same age and rate as you. Dumb I know, but I thought it was interesting.

Dill Family said...

Your kids are so adorable. And Nick is doing great. He is on leave from Iraq and might be visiting Oklahoma next weekend! Hey maybe I should tag you to do the 4 questionare too, it's a lot of tag your it ;)

patshala said...

I LOVE Georgia's outfit with the black plaid skirt and red top. She is stylin and looks so adorable. I am so bummed we didn't see you over the holidays. We were out of town! Thanks for sharing all of the fun pictures!!

Zachary said...

I'm glad I got to see you guys! Have fun in the Pan Handle State!

coty said...

That video of Scarlett was so PRECIOUS!!! You have cute kids Whitney.
Okay, your blog is playing "pour some sugar on me" right now...i'm cracking "holiday post song" EVER!!!

Tine said...

you have absolutely beautiful children. that's all there is to be said.

Craig Lifferth said...

Looks like Christmas was a huge success! Five dollar dishes at Wal-mart, now we are talking my language.

Steph said...

Mmmm, your kids are delicious!! They are so cute. I l.o.v.e.d. ALL your pics. You are right...Georgia is friggin' adorable!!! (I'm not biased, I promise!!)
I do need to tell you that I find all the pics of your kids (esp. Ez) and your in-laws a bit comical. They all look like eachother. Ez and Scarlett look like they are slight reproductions of all of them. Funny.

The Wright's said...

It sure was fun to spend one night with you guys! We sure miss you and wish work was in Utah instead of Kansas/Missouri. Wanna come "home" yet??

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you're talking about Whitter, Jorge ALWAYS looks like a Mo(w)gli. The key is that she looks like one in varying amounts. Sometimes a little more than others. ^_^
Though I must concede to the fact, you're either a phenomenal photographer...or your littl'ns are just really photogenic.
Nice post, love.

Aubrey said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. And your kids are the cutest.

Nicki said...

So cute!! I love the bows in the girls' hair. We also call the baby 'Littlest'...funny! :)

Edwin said...

I'm glad to see Spencer was sporting the ASHRAE when out of town. Hope we can get together soon, we want to meet Scarlett!