Friday, September 25, 2009

Who doesn't love a little paisley and sparkle?

I'm not really the Susy Homemaker type, but when I stumbled across this easy-peasy tutorial on cape-making, I thought, "what the hey" and figured I'd at least attempt. Ezra's been begging to be a superhero for Halloween and with his birthday falling conveniently right before my second favorite holiday of the year, this project couldn't come at a better time. Considering this is the first thing I've sewn completely and utterly by myself in about three and a half years, I'm pretty darn proud of myself.

ps-I know, I know, it's paisley, which is traditionally a girly pattern...but it had all the right colors, and it was fun and bright, and...I don't care, I love me some paisley. If Ezra hates me for it one day, so be it.

Spencer and Ezra left this evening to go to the Father & Son Campout (Ezra's so excited he practically peed his pants...and that's when he just thought that camping meant "let's go roast marshmallows in the park and then go home." I'm sure he'll be through the roof when he figures out there's tents involved), and Georgia kept begging me to take "just the girls" to the park. So, I figured we'd head to the mall and make us all happy, I mean, what's better than a little retail therapy for me and a little jumping around the playarea for her? It's a win-win situation. While there, I came across these fabulous sparkly sneakers on sale for a mere 10.49+tax. Georgia was in love with all the glitter and the pink. I was in love with the price, not to mention she desperately needs some everyday fall shoes. Of course I snatched some up.

While I was buckling the girls in their carseats, Georgia informed me, "I have sparkly shoes. They make me happy. Sparkly shoes make everybody happy." Ahhh, nothing like a little glitter to make the world seem right again.


kristin said...

Amen. pink + sparkles = happiness

Coty said...

That is awesome!
Look at you Miss Crafty...doesn't it make you feel so good? second only to SPARKLES!!!

I wanna go shopping...

Alabama Apples said...

I love the cape! Love the darling shoes. This post is fabulous-ness at its best

Catherine said...

Awesome posum!.. Love the cape and I only wish I could find shoes that fit my boys.. I wouldn't even care if they had (don't tell my husband!)

Steph said...

You did a fabulous job on that cape!! You should be sooo proud of yourself!!! Ez will love it...I can already picture him "flying" around the living room.
I l.o.v.e. Georgia's sparkly shoes. Mmmm, she is wise beyond her years...sparkly things DO make the world go 'round!!

Chrissy said...

in response to paisley;
I once went to a friend's house her son (5) opened the door wearing a beautiful sparkle rainbow skirt.
"I'm the dragon slayer!" he informed me.
"It's his dragon slayer kilt," my friend told me. "He took it from his sister's dance clothes."

Aubrey said...

Oh you're so awesome and crafty. I've been feeling inspired lately... who knows, I might actually act on my whims. And Georgia is right, Sparkly shoes make everybody happy.