Sunday, January 3, 2010

Musings of Christmas, etc.

I've been a loser and haven't taken many pictures in a long time. oops.

Christmas was good. So were all the festivities leading up to it. Sorry for the lack of pictures...refer to previous comment.

My little brother, Mackenzie, just left for the MTC on the 30th. I'm so, so proud of him. He'll be serving in the Roseville, CA mission.

Our transmission blew out on our van on New Years Eve while I was driving home with the kids all. by. myself...2 hours away from the middle of nowhere. Yeah, it was pretty sucky. Heaven knows it's going to cost us an arm and a leg.

I trimmed Georgia's hair for the first time ever. She just had a layer of scraggly, thin curls at the bottom, so I just evened things up a bit. shhhh, don't tell her, though. I made sure she was completely distracted when I did it, so that she wouldn't get any ideas about taking scissors to her own hair. (hence, I didn't even bother trying to cut the curls perfectly straight...I mean they're curls, for heaven sake, who is even going to notice?) Right now I've got her completely convinced that only boys cut their hair.

Oh, and my kids are being total b-r-a-t-s. yep, all three of them. Hopefully getting back to our usual routine will help. I'm just so burnt out right now.

That is all.

Ok, ok, now that I look, I guess Spencer did take a few pictures for me. I suppose I'll post them...I can hear the complaining from miles away. Just know that it's your voices I hear in my head, Steph and Lib.

Georgia, Cooper, and Gavin attempting to act out the nativity with my nativity blocks. Dedicated Coop is trying his darndest, but the little kids' craziness kept on thwarting things. (We figured it'd be loads easier to do it with blocks rather then costumes. If we had went with the costumes, inevitably Ezra would've been screaming about having something less-than-ideal on his body, Gavin would've been sword-fighting with his shepard's crook, Georgia would've used the opportunity to streak around naked, etc. I can just hear the yelling now.)

Liberty's adorable little man, Gunnison

Aunt Jemimah Scarlett. With a bigger mouth thrown in, obviously.

For the record, it was actually Scarlett's idea to do the ribbon on the head. Georgia just stole it. She's good at that.

Ezra was absolutely enamored with his GeoTrax set. We could have given that to him and nothing else and he would've been perfectly content. Too bad it's currently sitting 100 miles away in our mini-van. grrr.

Something to cuddle with for our own little cuddler.

And this would be how Georgia spent most of her Christmas morning. A touch of the flu combined with not being a morning person=one grumpy toddler.

So, re-reading this, I realize this post has somewhat of a negative vibe to it. Sorry about that, dearies, but it's what you're gettin', so deal with it.


Jules said...

Hi Whit, sorry to hear about your van. Car repairs are such a bummer way to spend your hard-earned money. Looks like you had a fun Christmas. The kids are so adorable. Thanks for posting all the pictures. I still haven't done mine yet.....grrrr.

kristin said...

Holy crap, that picture of Scarlett is SLAYING me. Are you sure you don't have some Hanson blood in ya, cause that mouth rivals my brother in laws!

Zachary said...

Hey...I will take what I can get...negative or not :) Sounds like some good holidays though. Good luck with the van.

Love ya!

Katie Rod said...

ugh...having that kind of car trouble with kids in tow is definitely the pits. I hope you don't have to scarf up too much to get it fixed! And we are trying to get back into some kind of schedule around here too, because toddlers seem to go crazy without it. And moms, too. :)

Aubrey said...

That sucks about your van. Seriously just sucks. And sorry about the b-r-a-t-s - if you need someone to call I'm here.

Adrienne said...

I love your posts. Negavitve or not. They make my life seem more normal. Meaning at least someone else is in almost the exact same boat I'm in. It's nice. Keep up the good work.

Alabama Apples said...

I hope my voice was charming and made you Drat! Thank you for the will NOT be seeing any on mine. No pictures taken = no pictures on the blog. I REALLY need to get better with that.

I LOVE the pictures that you have! It truly seems to have caught the feeling of our holiday! :) Right down to the little girl curled up on the floor. Boo! Scarlett's smile just slays me!! Ohh, I miss you all so much!!!

I hope your car issues resolve themselves quickly and not too expensively. I ABHOR car problems. Blehhh!

Hugs and kisses to all! Auntie Lib misses even their tantrums...yes, I DO miss you that much! :)

sharon said...

Bummer on the car! Esp. so close to home!! Looks like you did have a fun Christmas though. There always has to be one child that gets sick over the holidays, ours was always KeLei.

Steph said...

Ohhh, Sharon thinks it was just ONE child who was sick...not the Bubonic Plague. Someone should've thrown that pesky family out on their bottoms in the Christmas Blizzard who brought The Plague through the door...oh, right...that would've been my family...
I loved every piece of this post...even if it did ring so close to reality, well, because it did. Sometimes putting it in writing makes me feel more validated. Sometimes life is stinky, but you put humor into it so well. Your summation of the Nativity scene was hil-a-r-ious!! Oh, soooooo true. Well, except for the part where my boys are fighting because THEY wanted to wear the other's robe and oops, the other just happened to hit the other and so on and so forth while Ella is slinking away in the shadows because she thinks it's too funny to escape from things...epecially when Mom is trying reeeallly hard to do something together and Jos is gaily flitting here and there...well, everywhere he shouldn't be flitting and Gunner is tantruming because Lib isn't holding him. Hmmmm, does that sum it up?? ;) Ahhhh, the holidays...well, just make it anytime we're together. :) Am I a crazy to say I miss everyone and even all of that?!! Well. I do.
K, so I've made this a freaking epistle...I'll stop now. I love you and I love the pictures. I think I'll stop typing and go look at them again...and again. ;)

Chrissy said...

Merry Christmas. I wish my girl had curls to cut her straight as straw hair shows everything.

The Wright's said...

He He He. Your posts crack me up. You tell it like it is - and I like that. None of that mushy gushy crap pretending all is hunky dory when it's not! Amen sister. Sorry about the van too. bummer!