Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ode to a blogger we love

Happy Birthday Whitney

(substitute bogger: not-at-all-hip slightly older dad)

Readers be warned – this post is by a substitute blogger. If you are new to this site, please refer to other posts. For those of you who are frequent visitors: Be happy that you are entertained by someone other than me.

Did you all know that it is Whitney’s Birthday? It is. She was born 25 years ago on this very day; happy birthday, Whitney.

Whitney rarely uses this blog to talk about how amazing she is. Today I will do it for her. Some people may ask me, why? Well, Whitney is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She does so much for me and others, and deserves a little public recognition. I could go on forever about this wonderful wife and mother, but for her birthday:

25 things that I admire about Whitney

Whitney is…

1- Happy – an emotion that she likes to spread around.

2- Trusting – sometimes too trusting, but she wants to trust people.

3- Selfless – whether it is me in school or the kids’ health, she has a history of putting her needs behind the needs and comforts of others.

4- A good cook – she continues to make delicious, nutritious food even though 70% of time the kids turn their noses up and refuse to eat.

5- A creative writer, with a style that makes me smile – you all keep coming back to her blog; you probably agree.

6- Friendly – She is good at jumping in to friendships, which has served her well throughout her life as she’s moved around the country.

7- Thrifty – Whitney is constantly out to get a good deal; she has an amazing ability to weigh the deal and only jumps on the very best ones, even if walking away is painful.

8- Hard working – You’ve seen what our kids do; our house would not be standing without her hard work.

9- Compassionate – If someone is hurting, she looks for a way to help.

10- Stubborn – She will not back down from a point that is important to her.

11- Passionate – an attribute that permeates all parts of her life, increasing the intensity of all other traits.

12- Smart – Did anybody know that she was valedictorian at her high school?

13- Knowledgeable – Whitney doesn’t accept things on a whim; she is an independent thinker that wants to understand – especially before she passes information on.

14- Strong – Sometimes I call her “sherpa” because she’ll come in from the car carrying a kid in each hand with several grocery bags draped from her wrists.

15- Positive – No matter how tough life gets, Whitney looks up.

16- An art enthusiast – I love to go to museums with Whitney because the art evokes such emotion in her. She loves it and it brightens her life.

17- An avid reader – It amazes me how fast she can get through a book – they aren’t just novels either, Whitney reads a variety of books (see point 13).

18- Loquacious – I admire this trait because it is definitely one that I lack. Whitney is happy to engage in conversation with anyone, she also has a notable vocabulary.

19- Supportive – Whitney sees things that are important to me and makes sure that I can excel at them. I would have never made it through graduate school without her.

20- Beautiful – I love her. Even in the morning before she gets ready, I still think she looks great.

21- Adventurous – She is not afraid to try new things. I tested this one a lot while we were dating.

22- Fun – she likes it, and is a girl that really just wants to have it.

23- Loyal – She does not participate in gossip, and will cut someone off if they start.

24- Genuine – What you see is what you get with Whitney; she doesn’t put on a front.

25- My wife – Need I say more? I adore her because she is my wife. She knows me well – strengths and weaknesses and continues to love me in spite of them.

Whitney loves comments, so if you happened to this site on her birthday – wish her happy birthday - give her the gift of blog. I know there are many of you out in blogland who love to read her blog. Let her know.

Happy Birthday Whitney!


Jason and Melanie Morales Family said...

What a fantastic birthday post! Happy Birthday Whitney- I'm so glad I know you!

Sheffer's said...

Happy Birthday, Whitney! I'm glad I know you and we get to hang out with our crazy kids. It sounds like we need to compare books we've read. I admire how you always try to look cute when you leave the house, I wish I knew how to do that too. :D Thanks for the soup, it was delicious!!!

Caldwell Family said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! I wish I had your number so I could call and wish you a happy birthday, but this will do. I really enjoy your blog, your friendship and your positive attitude! Have a great day! (and year)!


Katie Rod said...

awwww...what a hubbie! HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!

Travis and Brittany said...

What a nice hubby you have! I hope you have a great bday!!

Steph said...

This almost made me tear up! Spencer knows you so well! I am so glad that you guys found eachother and he loves you that much.
I love you Whitty! You are a constant ray of sunshine in my life and I wouldn't...couldn't have it any other way. You are a unique, sweet, super-fun, strong sister that I am blessed with. Have a wonderful day. Happy birthday, Whit!!

kristin said...


Miss you terribly and slightly annoyed that Dave's job took us even farther away from you, but your blogging makes up for a lot of the distance :)

Diamond said...

Hope you have a great day. Happy Birthday!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! (Hey Spencer, you need to read number 3 again, I don't think you ment "behind") Hope the big 25 is great for you!

Triana said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous! It's been such a pleasure knowing you, I'm sad I don't know you better!!! I hope you get spoiled rotten by that beautiful family of yours and that you have a fabulous day!



Crapos said...

Happy Birthday, Whitney! You've always been on that list of women I wish I was more like. So glad we met up in college. Have a happy day!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day is wonderful!

Alabama Apples said...

So, this blog did make me tear up! Spencer, thank you for posting this! This is just a minute part of what makes Whitney so fabulous, but what you posted was...perfect! You are great for my little sis, too.

Happy, happy birthday, Whit!!! I love you so very much and you brighten my days with the sound of your voice or a passage I get to read on your blog. You have so many wonderful sides and I am so VERY, VERY blessed to be able to have you for my sister. Thank you for being my friend, shoulder to lean and cry on and for being my cheerleader. I love you!!!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you got a sitter for the kids... ;)

holyoak said...


I'd say your list hit 25 nails right on the head. And yes, you could go on. She is a very special woman!

I remember 25 years ago, praying as hard as I could as Steph (my 4.75 year old obstetric assistant) and I tried to get our new little baby to breath. The longest few moments of my life. Perhaps she was being stubborn and just didn't want to step across the veil into mortality, but we prayed her here anyway!

Thanks for the post Son!


Adrienne said...

I must say, that was super cute. And props to you. It's always nice to hear compliments, especially by a hubby.

Happy Birthday!

Cassie & Nick said...

Happy Birthday!! Such a cute post to read! Those are 25 marvelous traits!!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think you did a great job on this post! She really is all of that!! I love her writing style! She definitely keeps me laughing!

PatShala said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! I do love reading your blog. Not just to see the pictures, which is why I look at most blogs. But, it is very enjoyable to read! Thanks for the entertainment. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Maria said...

Happy Birthday!

Kristyn said...

Good thing for blogs so I can wish I a great month - forget the day, it's all about stretching out this great holiday! Happy Birth month woman!!!

Zachary said...

Happy Late Birthday Whitney! And who IS that witty and loquacious substitute blogger of yours? What a way with words.

Seriously though...Whitney really is awesome. Love you girl! I am so glad you joined the family!

Spencer Ellsworth said...
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Chrissy said...

here, here happy birthday Whitney.
We are a year and two days apart. Thanks for letting someone else post about you it was nice to read it.

Unless this really was you.....

Aubrey said...

Awww - how cute is your husband?! I am with your sisters, this post almost made me tear up (and that's sayin' something).

You're seriously the best friend a girl could have and Spencer described you so well. I look up to you in so many ways. I know I'm late in reading this - but Happy Birthday dearest, I hope you did something uber-fun.

The Wright's said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! You are great person - Spencer and family are lucky!

Smiley Family said...

Now that was sweet! Happy (belated) Birthday Whitney! You deserved a fabulous day and I hope you got it! I heard a little rumor that you guys were coming to Ruby's Inn this year! Can this be true? I sure hope so - it would be so great seeing you guys again.

Rachel Teran said...

Happy Birthday! This post was adorable. :)

Erica said...

happy birthday whitney - i'm oh so WAY late ;) your hubby is mighty sweet for doing that post! hope you had a great day!