Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cooper's Baptism, my messy house, Mardi Gras, and Ezra's disappearing eyes

I know how much y'all love my uber posts, so I decided it was time for another one...Enjoy!

The kids and I headed down to Amarillo with my mom for my nephew Cooper's baptism. It had to be delayed a week because of a ice and snow storm, so I got stuck up in Stillwater for an extra 6 days-yippy skippy! [insert eye roll here] We did, however, eventually make it down to the big T. X. and there was much rejoicing in the land. Congrats, Coop, for this huge step in the right direction!

The Man of the Hour

Cooper and Me
(you can't see them, but rest assured I have fab-u-lous shoes on. I promise, they MAKE the entire outfit)

Best Fri-enemies Forever

Our vain attempt at getting all 6 children to simultaneously look at the camera

Now onto other exciting things...

Scarlett, the computer junkie.
Like mother, like daughter, I suppose.

One day, Ezra decided to take loads of pictures with my camera. Here's a few of the gobs he took. It was kind of fun to see life through his eyes.

(Warning: it was a messier than normal day...oh, who am I kidding? My house looks like this everyday at some point in time or another)

Remnants of play

Little sister #1

The Pile

The creator of The Pile, Little Sister #2

As some of you might know (a big hello to all those Alabama Apples), Tuesday (the 16th) was Mardi Gras. After getting the chance to spend a couple of Fat Tuesdays down in Alabama over the years, I have fallen in love with the holiday. Who wouldn't love huge parades with loud music, free jewelery, and moon cakes? So, this year, I made a point to have our own little Mardi Gras party at home with the kids. We made a King Cake and had a mini-dance party, with costumes and beads galore.

Making the King Cake:

Confession: our king cake was a total fakey. It was really a cake mix cake in disguise. I always intend to make the fancy smancy original, but just seem to lack the time, energy, and ingredients. Oh well, maybe next year.

(don't ya just looove Georgia's outfit? She had an accident earlier in the day and re-dressed herself. I promise some days my children look normal. Just not on the picture-takin' ones, it seems)

The finished product

Look, Look! Ezra and his magically disappearing eyes! Gotta love those Lifferth genes...
These pictures make Ezra's nose look huge. Don't be tempted to think it's true. Definitely False. He may have small eyes, but he does not have a big nose. It's just the angle of the shot)

Dance Dance Revolution:

Ezra always looks so serious when he dances. It kills me! Whenever he dances it's like he tries to resist...but...just...can'

Georgia on the other hand, just lets the music move her whereever it will.

A bit of the fun...

Gold star for you if you made it this far! Two gold stars if you actually watched the video and read all the captions. Have a fabulous day!


Spencer said...

Man, Home looks like a lot more fun than work. Thanks for the post, it was great - they almost always are...Hallelujah it's not the Lenka post anymore;)

kristin said...

I love that Scarlett is far more interested in chewing on her pom pom than actually dancing. Adorable kids! Miss you.

Zachary said...

I have no idea who Cooper is...but congrats dude! That is awesome!

Love your family! Keep the posts coming!

Alabama Apples said...

Ohhhh, thank you!!! The perfect thing to read before I head to the hospital in the morning. :) It totally made my heart happy!!

Scarli is sooo grown up!

You kill me with how you word things. I laugh the whole time. Ez and his eyes, the fr-enemies, Ez's pics and George's clothes. Kiss those kiddies for me!!! I love you!!!

Kisses and hugs!!

PS Hooray for Coop! He is a fantastic example for all of his younger cousins. Quite the little man in his handsome suit!

Steph said...

Yay! I loved your post...esp. your "uber" ones. They happen to be my fav. :) My cheeks are hurting I have been laughing and smiling so hard over everything. Lib's right, you word things hilariously. I'm still laughing over the pics of Ez and his smooth dance moves. The pics Ez took slay me. I think it is highly funny that Scarlie takes a beautiful pic for Ez, who really shouldn't have the camera at all. Funny. You looked great in the baptism pic (naturally)...I have an even cuter one of you and Coop that I'll post...if I ever get around to posting... I love those kids so darn much! Give them a smooch from Auntie!!

Aubrey said...

Looks like fun - and that cake looked delish. And if it makes you feel any better, I made a King's Cake from scratch last year and it was seriously the most intense thing I've ever made and I don't know if/when I will do it again. Way more time consuming than I originally thought. Too bad we don't live closer, we could come over and have dance parties. Samuel seriously loves to dance.

Kristyn said...

Love the Mardi Gras party - i just might have to steal your idea for next year. :)

and your house a mess? ha! please don't feel bad!! i had a post in mind to post soon about this very thing - you'll have to come over and really see a mess!!!!

Coty said...

You are too funny Whitney. I love reading your posts!
That party looks like it was
...and the king cake, what a yummy tradition.
Way to fun it up, Mama!

Coty said...
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Chrissy said...

I'm glad you posted them dancing Adia loves watching other kids, especially ones who are dressed up.

Erica said...

two gold stars for me.
three for you for being such a good mommie :)

kristin said...

I'm passing you an award!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

I love your posts!! All of them! You are so, so funny and I just love the writing style! Your kids are adorable :o)