Tuesday, March 23, 2010

life in a nutshell

I'm feeling particularly un-motivated and so, instead of an actual cohesive post, you get a few random pictures for kicks and giggles. Enjoy.

Here's a fab elastic waist skirt I made recently. Tutorial found here. Seriously one of the easiest, quickest sewing jobs e.v.e.r. Even for a slow-as-a-snail crafter like me. (ps-my sister Stephanie suggested a trim of black ric-rack on the bottom. Would that not make it even more retro-fabulous?)

je t'adore mon amour. *sigh*
Here's a picture for you of it on me so you get a sense of how it fits. I made it longer then you typically see in stores because I wanted to be able to wear it sans leggings to church and in the heat of the summer. Now I just have to remember to bend with the knees versus the hips or else I'll be flashing everyone my whites. (don't ya just love the glowing boobs you get with a flash on your camera and a thin shirt?)

Georgia's been begging to have her ears pierced the last couple of months ever since she found out her stylin' cousin Ella had something sparkly in her lobes. A week and a half ago, Spencer finally caved (needless to say, I took no convincing). Here's the result:

(focus on that tiny purple dot in her earlobe)

Georgia adores her new "holes in her ears for earrings"...but is not so thrilled with the twice-daily wrestlings...err...cleanings. I'm not so thrilled with them either. Nor the fact that they're going to last for the next 4.5 weeks. blah.

As requested, here is a picture of my semi-new haircut (I've had it for about a month now). I'm in love with it. I love how fresh and young it looks. I got to keep my hard-earned length but I got some (very difficult to attain) volume back with all the layers. yay! yay! for that!

On the first day of spring (last Saturday, the 20th, for those of you not in the know), we had a random, not necessarily wanted, snowstorm. The kids, of course, had to go out for a last winter hurrah. As I traditionally choose not to go out for even a first winter hurrah, I stood on the doorstep taking pictures.

Last weekend, Spencer and I stole away for our very first completely child-free, absolutely alone (that would mean none of Spencer's siblings sharing the room) over-nighter. Complete heaven. So fabulous, in fact, I refuse to let another four years and three kids slip by before we do it again. Huge kudos to my wonderful husband for the belated V-day gift.

We stayed at this hotel

...in this room

...with this coupon found here helping foot the bill (in case you're wondering, you can skip the movie and save the tickets for later. If I want to spend some time with my hottie in the dark on my only mowgli-free night, I don't necessarily want it to be in a over-crowded movie theater).

And that is our life of late in a nutshell. Have a fabulous day!


kristin said...

Adore the hair cut and color. So flattering! And I love the fabric of your skirt. Where in the world is everyone finding such cute fabric? Geeze, I may have moved to my favorite area, but the fabric options here are severely lacking. I say go with a really thick rick rack, a smaller width would get lost in that big pattern. Or find some awesome wide width grosgrain ribbon. Or just leave it be. Either way, it's hot.

I'm still anti ears piercing, but mainly because of the issue you are having with Georgia. I really don't want to be the one making sure my girl's ears stay infection free. I already have to wrestle her to brush her hair, put a pony tail in, dress her, brush her teeth... Yeah, not willing for yet another wrestling match with my two year old.

whitney said...

I didn't actually color my hair, just cut it. The light in the kitchen is just making it look redder then it normally does.

I got the fabric from Jo-Ann's. It's 8.99/yd (I needed two), but at 30% off, it only came to $12-something.

supersheffam said...

James and I want to do a getaway next fall before/after he graduates as a gift to us for making it through, and we thought about that place to stay. It looks fun and different. ;) was it??? :D

whitney said...

Heather-it was seriously so, so fabulous. A little pricey, but definitely worth it (especially with the coupon helping with the costs). Such a nice little retreat. If you need anyone to watch your kids, we can have a big ol' sleepover here!

Jason and Melanie Morales Family said...

Love the new haircut! I'm desperate for a cut but don't want to lose the length- your style has inspired me!

Deb Nott said...

HA! You won! Good job! Love the skirt by the way!

Aubrey said...

Love your haircut - I noticed it in one of your previous posts but probably forgot to say something. I'm in desperate need of a haircut but can't decide what I want to do. Maybe I will just walk in and say to the hairstylist "have your way with my hair!" :)
Love the skirt too - I will let you make me one since I have no craft in me. ;)
Umm, and super fun about getting away, yes, you should really make it a goal to get away once a year, even if it's a cheap Microtel.

Steph said...

Ahhh, I love all of it!! Your skirt, of course, is fabulous. I think I still agree, thick rick-rack...or the suggestion of grosgrain would be super-cute, too. Your haircut is super-fabulous. Can I be you for a little while?? ;) Yay!! I was happy you posted pics of little Georgia!! Her earrings are adorable...I expected nothing less, though. The 4.5 weeks will go by and then wah-la...fun little holes in her ears, that she loves. ;) I got Ella some adorable little bling-y heart earrings yesterday and it was that. fun. Thanks for the pics of the kids during their winter fun! They looked like they had a great time and Ella and I loved looking at the pics and admiring how much they've grown. So cute!! I am soooo glad you got away!! You guys deserved every minute of your getaway! The place looks great!! Kudos to Spence for giving such a fun gift!

Adrienne said...

Sounds like such a fun getaway. We hope to get one in October.

And love the skirt. quite crafty. and haircut. and your eyelashes. wow.

Gardners said...

Yea for the weekend away! Love the haircut and cute skirt. Remember what Anne Morrow Lindbergh said about sewing and other handiwork? In our modern times (as she wrote in the 50's) we've rid ourselves of our creative homemaking outlets that fed our souls, but the drudgery remains. Way to go bringing back the craft of homemaking!

Kristyn said...

LOVE the skirt!

And the hair (I might just have to copy you! :)

And that self-portrait: you have the most beautiful eyes Whitney!

Glad you guys got a getaway. We're in the same boat as you with never a vacation w/o the kids. Glad you finally got a break!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

How fun! Camille absolutely loved babysitting for you guys!

I wish you guys lived in KC longer when I was there so I could get to know you guys better in person, not just in blogland! Oh well! It's almost as fun!

See you in August!

PS--that hotel is to DIE for!!!

beks27 said...

Whitney! I'm glad you found my blog! I must say I'm jealous of your Amarillo posts. I think you've been there more than I have lately! Lucky! I love the haircut, too, and the skirt. SO cute! Hope you're doing well, and your kids are adorable as always!

Chrissy said...

cute skirt. I love the fabric