Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauty In The World

My sister Liberty told me about this song by Macy Gray. I ADORE it. All of it. The music video, the melody, but especially the lyrics. Nothing like a little reminder that God has given us Beauty In The World. Enjoy!

ps-Georgia ate a live ant last night purely for comedic value. Just thought I'd share.


PatShala said...

Thanks for sharing the song. I love it and now I will have a fun and positive song in my head for the day. Your children looked adorable for Easter! Cute clothes! I am jealous of your strawberry jam. I need to make some!

Aubrey said...

Mmmm - I love it! I'm getting tired of hearing so much doom and gloom from people when there is still so much good and beauty out there too. A boy gave a talk in sacrament about how he's always told that teenagers are living in such a rough time and he said how he likes to think that there is a lot of good that happens at high school. Anyway, I just loved his talk and the song you shared. It doesn't hurt that I also really love Macy Gray.

Steph said...

Oooo, good song, good song! It has a great beat, lyrics and message. Thanks for the post. Hmmm, leave it to Lib to come up with a song reminding that there is beauty all around. :)
I still get giggle at the thought of Georgia chomping down a live ant. What a crazy girl. :)

Letherton said...

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holyoak said...

I figure Stephie would like this little update. However, I think she ate worms for the jerky; no comedy intended, otherwise she wouldn't have waited until they were dead and crispy!