Tuesday, June 22, 2010

this is NOT the promised uber-post

I know y'all expect an uber-post, but I figured I'd do this one first. The Big One is in the works, I promise. Well, actually, that's sort of a lie. I haven't even started it yet, to be honest. Don't worry, it'll be coming, it's just kind of turned into the overdue homework project of my youth. That's ok though, I work best under pressure. oops, there's another lie. I actually don't work best under pressure. Time-crunching and pressure and what-not just stress me out so I can't think straight and then I end up typoing left and right and my jokes are a little un-funny...well, you get the point. Anyway, I took these videos on a whim this evening and thought I'd share. Watch 'em if you want. or don't. whatev. They're mostly for the grands and aunties anyway.

Beyonce had better watch out. She's got some young upstarts to contend with.

Scarlett: up-close and personal

Does anyone know if Chippendales is hiring?
(note: this one actually wasn't taken this afternoon. It's from a month or two ago, but I discovered it while posting the other two and couldn't resist throwing it in.)


kristin said...

OK, my favorite has got to be Scarlett's rendition of All the Single Ladies - she is so very intently learning her "uh ohs" that her dancing has been reduced to mere squatting. Evie also loves that song, but she's got a thing or two to learn from Georgia - your girl's got moves :)

Megan said...

THOSE ARE AWESOME! your kids make me laugh every time i see them. they are definitely spencer's kids and his his humor and witt in their actions and words! totally impressed georgia and even scarlett knew the words. love you lots and hope things are well.

Jennae said...

hahaha. I love it. I knew Scarlett could talk!

Catherine said...

Love it! I was gonna ask how you got all three of your children dressed and looking great at the same time? I was actually happy to see the third video... its nice to see that my boys aren't the only ones who like to stay in their underwear!! Thanks for sharing!

Steph said...

Okay. Hilarious!! I need to watch again and again and again... I love how Ez knows all the words to Put a Ring on It-- and sings w/o a care. But, I gotta say, if you look closely how their faces all fall after the song gets over--they're really sad! Scarlett is darling!! She's growing so much!! My kids were pasted to the computer screen watching and of course we luuuved hearing about our OWN doggies from her mouth!! Um, okay so I am STILL laughing over Ez's Chin-n-Dale moves. How funny was that?!! Seriously. can't. stop. laughing. :)

Zachary said...

I'm still waiting for the uber-post :)

Aubrey said...

Those are great - and Samuel loved watching them too. He was dancing along with the music. He was also enthralled with Scarlett and when I said "is that Scarlett? is she pretty?" he said "pretty." ;)