Saturday, April 9, 2011

The curls are back...and other girly stories

The curls are back and dad's gonna be in trouble
 Hey-la-day-la the curls are back.

Now sing that to the tune of The Angels' My Boyfriend's Back.

I'll wait...

When I saw the girlies playing outside today, that was the first thing that came to mind  (it's the first real humid and extra-warm day of the season).  Every winter Spence and I wonder if the girls are losing their curls.  They're still there during the cold, dry months, but just looser and less obvious.  But, like clockwork, every spring they come back in full force to prove us wrong.  Here's the proof:


Scarlett recently decided to try her hand at climbing the window panes.  She was a little too successful for her own good.

Also, we're really mean parents.


The girls decided that this was the best way to turn themselves into butterflies.  Lucky for us, this was the Friday before General Conference weekend, so we didn't have to take them to church with faint pink lines still on their faces.  They're extra-lucky I'm not showing you the clothes-off  pictures for posterity's sake.  They did a wicked purple and blue number on their tummies.

That is all.
Enjoy your weekend!


Liz said...

LOL, love your cute curl/girl stories! Wow, I'm just glad that my kids haven't found my marker stash yet. Oh, and I'm very, very glad I'm reading this late at night so that David won't get any ideas about trying to climb our window--that Scarlett is crazy curious, huh? ;)

Megan said...

their curls are so adorable. scarlett makes me think of lyra - must she do everything a little person really shouldn't be doing? i loved seeing her hanging out on the window. lyra is trying to scale chairs and radiators to get a look out our windows. only problem, it's 3 stories up and windows here don't have screens to try to keep a kid in. if the window is open to let in the breeze, out she will fall. oh dear! when are you due again? cheers!

Alabama Apples said...

Ohhh, what beautiful little butterflies! MArkers seem the best route to me, too! ;) I love their curls. Their hair has gotten so long and they look so grown up. What little beauties. Silly Scarli...since that girl could crawl, she's been climbing things. I believe my sons, Gavin in particular, would be most impressed with her "skills". Hugs to all!!!

Hannah Elizabeth said...

hahaha! I laughed so hard at the pictures of Scarlet on the window. Your girls are adorable, especially as butterflies. :)

Steph said... They are too, too funny. What silly little imps, they are. Love their sweet curls. I'm jealous, I must say, of the beee-u-ti-ful curls. I only wish Ella had a bit more of them. *sigh*
k- so I had to laugh-out-loud at Scarlett scaling the window. Her dace, in particular, made me laugh. It's horrible of me to get a giggle out of her face, but it did. I admit it. There was something about how she is clinging there looking like she had been caught/she shouldn't be up there/how do I get down? all mixed together that strikes me as funny. What a mean Auntie I am.
SO, I debated on letting Ella get a glimpse of your girlies all colored up...she ended up seeing them anyway. She still laughs when she seems them and says "that's silly Mommy". I had to have a talk with her to remind her that even if you do want to be a butterfly, you don't need to be colored in markers. ;) Your girls are simple adorable (and looking oh-so-proud of themselves). I love it. Give them a squeeze form me!!

Kim said...

Love it. I've always wondered how to turn myself into a butterfly. Now I know. On another note completely, I'm seriously thinking about visiting sometime this summer (possibly for fall break), after the move and the baby. And since I'm being completely random-I wholeheartedly approve of your having Eric Hutchinson on your playlist. I love him.

Monica Lifferth said...

Oh I love curls. Maggs and I are doomed to straight hair. And I love the fact that you pull out your camera when the kiddos are covered in ink. I'm not sure I would be such a good sport. Such cute girlies.

holyoak said...

Yup, you're mean parents; leaving her hanging there with her little fingers and toes getting more and more tired and hurting with the pressure from the biting edge of the window frame. What were you trying to do - teach her a lesson to think first then act?! ; )

A lesson I still wish I could learn...

Aubrey said...

Is it sad that I was already singing those first two lines to My Boyfriend's Back before you even mentioned it?

Sooo glad Samuel and Lillian haven't quite figured out the whole marker thing (the fact that I keep them locked up and out of reach might have something to do with it...).

jeriwilliamson said...

I just started to follow your blog, and as a fellow stay-at-home mom I am super excited to read your blog. It's nice to know that there are others like me who love their job but also understands that it gets pretty monotonous some times. I look forward to reading your postings. Great blog by the way!