Monday, April 25, 2011


I have a heck of a lot to catch up on on here.  I have a heck of a lot of cleaning to catch up on in my house too.  We're not even going to go into detail about the mountains of laundry that are currently waiting to be rotated, hung, and folded (how, in heaven's name, does one man and three small children create more laundry in the five days I'm out of town then we typically do in at least a week and a half?!?).

However, I've currently decided that my mouth hurts and I'm not going to do anything much for the rest of the afternoon...except laundry (the lack of clean little girl panties makes that a necessity). 

Let's just say that root canals (especially the big hairy-scary kind) really, really suck.

For now, this is all I have to contribute to the blogosphere.  I promise I'll post more later.  If I don't do it soon, I fear I'll drown in my own moving mess and won't surface for another month.


Aubrey said...

Ugh, root canals suck, I can totally relate. If you want anyone to commiserate with give me a call... that is once your mouth stops hurting so much.

Steph said...

I hope that you're feeling better! When mouths hurt it feel all consuming. Can't wait for the next post...and hooray for moving to a bigger house!!

Smiley Family said...

I just did a whole lot of catching up on your cute little blog. It's a shame I haven't visited it more lately, since your stories and writings are oh so entertaining! Looks like you are in the midst of all sorts of excitement. I moved into our current home when I was about 34 weeks and it was tough! I just didn't have the needed energy to unbox and organize. But yeah for a new home!! Good luck to you! (both with the home and the new baby!)