Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What we've been up to...

Can you believe it's September already?  The summer flew by in a crazy-fast way!  I really expected this summer to be a little lower-key after the birth of my 4th mowgli, but it was not to be.  There was Oak's baby blessing followed by a quick Oklahoma visit with my sister's family, a family reunion in South Dakota, a visit from Spencer's little sisters, Heather and Kim, another quick Oklahoma visit when my other sister visited (Ezra had pinkeye and had to skip school anyway, I promise!), etc. etc. etc.  Alas, the Magnificent Magical Scarlett made our camera card disappear and took all of our summer pictures with it.  So, sorry for the lack of pictorial records for most of those events.  Here's a few events, however, that we DO have pictures for (yay! yay!)...

Over Labor Day weekend my little brother, Jesse, got married in the Oklahoma City Temple.  We're super-excited to have the lovely Miss Hannah as part of our family!

 The Happy Couple

 Our attempt at a grandkid picture with the bride and groom (they were such great sports).  This one is worth the time it takes to click on it for an extra-large dose of humor.  I'm a particularly big fan of Greyson's jumping skills.
(Note the lack of Gunner.  He could not be persuaded to participate.)

 Grandad and Scarlett (the little flirt)

 Grandad doing a darn good job distracting the ever-pouty Georgia

Following the wedding reception in Arkansas (where Hannah's from) we went camping in Devil's Den State Park.  It was so much fun (and let's be honest...a lot of work!  Well, actually a lot more work for Spencer then it was for me.  He spoils me in eternal gratitude for going camping with four kids (including an infant) in the first place.) and we can't wait to go again!  We had a cold front move in which took us by surprise making a camp fire a necessity for warmth instead of a necessity for s'mores.

Gee...I wonder which side of the family they get their eyes from?

hint: not mine.

This is Georgia's new favorite pose (head cocked, hands under chin).  I'd post more pictures of her, but they'd all look pretty much the exact same.

Who could resist a moss-filled dredge of a river?  Obviously not them.

Miss Georgie had her very first day of preschool today!  She was so excited to go and I was pretty excited to have a couple of 2-kid hours myself.  I can't even believe she's gotten so old on me!

She made me promise to let her take a picture of me if she let me take a picture of her.  So, here's one of her...

...and one of me.

 Happy First Day, Georgia Marie!


Aubrey said...

Oh yay! That Hannah really is beautiful in a I'm-not-even-trying kind of way. So happy for Jesse. I'm telling ya - you need to check the CD drive on the computer. ;) I can't believe Georgia is so bit either, I remember when you were pregnant with her!

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley said...

so cute! I love that I share a middle name with such a cute girl! Go Georgie! :o)

Steph said...

So. That's how you make a "travel journal" blog sound whitty, interesting and fun. The thought of attempting my summer's travels makes me shudder. I loved seeing the the grandkids pic. Hilarious. I have a similar picture of Dad and Georgia. It is adorable. Little Miss Georgie is so cute and grown-up!! Give her a "first day of school kiss" from Auntie!!

Alabama Apples said...

I've been missing out on the posts since being away. Hooray for the first day of school of the Ez-man and Missy Georgie!! Sorry it is not such a long break for you, but I'm sure lots of fun for them. I'm jealous of the camping. We're always GOING to go, just can't seem to make it come together. I think if we actually had a tent again, it would happen. :) It was so good seeing you and your beasties. I love, love love you!!!

Annie said...

Yeah for your brother - Hannah's gorgeous!

I know what you mean about camping - we just did a camping trip as well and it wore me out!

holyoak said...

Great travel log Whit! Great camping pictures. Good for all of you! Looks like great fun from my angle. Love the big girl pictures of Georgie girl. She's not so pouty as far as I am concerned. She just is smile sparing... ; )
I for one and Mom for two, were very grateful for daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren filling this now empty house. We are so grateful to have had you all here. Re-charged my batteries for the long autumn. We love you, each one, with every fiber of our beings.

PS: Still waiting for the Stepherbeanie update!!

beks27 said...

Love the pictures. Hooray for weddings and camping! We have yet to attempt camping with two. Makes me tired just thinking about it.