Thursday, December 8, 2011

random pictures for your amusement

In case you need a giggle :)

 This picture makes me smile.  Does Oak not look extreeeeemely pleased with himself?

 Lately, Georgia has been stealing our camera and taking gobs and gobs of random blurry pictures.  The subjects usually consist of...

her favorite toys

weird-angle shots of her underpants

and Christmas decor.

The best is when she blames it all on Scarlett, denying any picture-taking involvement what-so-ever, but then shows up with 50 pictures looking just like this one.

pretty sure she's been caught red-nosed.

Just for posterity's sake, here's a few pictures of the girls playing in the first snow of the season.

Yes, I am fully aware of how white trash this picture makes my backyard look.

Georgia posing in her coat-less state.  For some reason she always prefers snow-play without one.  *shrug*

 "Rooooar" said the Scarlett Monster

Now I'm off to do more Christmas sewing...


Alaina and Mitchell Dooley said...

Love the pictures! They did make me laugh! I can't wait till my kid is old enough to be awesomely funny like yours!

Zachary said...

Ha ha! Awesome pictures!

Jennae said...

I love those pictures! All of hime.

Steph said...

How funny!! I thought it was funny how both Oakie and Spence had nearly the same smile in the first picture. Funny. Georgia can always put a smile on my face. That girl just cracks me up...seriously Georgia, didn't you recall the mug shots you took...of yourself?? No, you backyard did not look white trash...but I did wonder why G did not have a coat on. Silly girl. :) Love that little Scarli Monster. Ferocious!! ;)

Aubrey said...

Love this post because it's just so you and your family. Also super jealous that you have snow.