Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We Are Young

This is my new favorite song of the moment.  There's something about it that just makes me feel wistful and free and well...young.
(which, as I approach my next birthday in January, is something I definitely need to feel a bit more often.)


We Are Young by Fun.
ps-the music video is odd.  not bad, just...odd.


Jennae said...
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Aubrey said...

I'll have to listen to the post later when I don't have video game noise going on in the background. But I'm sure it's good, knowing you. As for feeling young - yep I get you. I really felt it this year when I realized I was getting a stomach ache from eating a few cookies and Christmas treats...

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing this! I loved the format and I was so sad when they stopped producing music! I heard that they had started a new group though and I've been meaning to check it out. I like that song! Jimmy watched it with me and the whole time was saying "what is going on?" - it is a weird video!