Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas Catch-up part II

Welcome to the 2nd and final Christmas catch-up post.  Enjoy!
Christmas Eve "Jesus Food" Dinner
We have the tradition in our not-so-little family of eating semi-traditional biblical food for Christmas Eve to remind us of Christ.  We typically do flatbread, grapes, dates, honey, etc.  We're working up to fish and locust (which are pretty much samesies to my offspring).

The chillins showing off the goods

Oak's pseudo-Jesus food

Christmas Jammies
Sometimes during our Christmas Eve program (which isn't as involved as it sounds. promise.) Santa's elves drop bedtime-inducing goodies off on our doorstep)

They were so darn excited to open the first Christmas gifts of the holiday

A little help from Dad

 As Georgie would put it, "nice and comfy."

Christmas Morning

The eternal stair-waiting

Oak enjoying his gift from Santa

Ez tearing into his Lincoln Logs from MiMi and Grandad
(heaven knows how we've made it 6 years with our little builder without having a set of our own)

The much-anticipated Lalaloopsy dolls

Sssssstrike a pose!
Vogue. Vogue. Vogue.
(cheesy, I know...I just couldn't resist)

After picking up 9 dozen free beer bottles off craigslist a few months back (there's lots of home-brewers 'round these parts) and getting a bottle capper for Christmas, Spencer was eager to follow in his father's footsteps and start brewing some yeast rootbeer of his own.

Georgia using her muscles for the cause

Offical Taste Tester Ezra.
He didn't die, so we knew we were safe.

The Maiden Batch

Spencer quickly learned what happens, however, when you leave too much room for expansion in the bottles.


The End.

Ok, faithful followers....I think I might actually be all caught up from Christmas.  yay! yay!  Now I just need to fill y'all in on our recent travels, which, hopefully will be sooner than later.


Kristin Hanson said...

It's too bad we don't live closer - e would never leave your house. Neither would I :) hopefully PA school brings us closer!

Cindy said...

Woah homemade rootbeer?! And did you make all those PJs yourself so they would match? :)

Steph said...

Loved it!! Your kiddos and their beautiful blue eyes looked gorgeous in those blue jammies. :) Yay for Jesus food, elves bringing gifts, Lalaloopsy dolls, striking "snakey" poses, and bottle cappers that bring so much fun. What would have we done while playing games in the kitchen w/o the occasional swig of root beer and trying to decide if it had gotten a little too yeasty to be still, in good conscience, call it ROOT beer?? ;) Good times, good times.

Aubrey said...

I'm impressed you took the time to play catch-up. Mmmm - homemade root beer, we'll be over for game night tonight. ;)

Gardners said...

What fun and hilarious kids. I like Ezra's quote from Facebook about not judging a movie by its case! I LOVE when they learn little lessons like that and spread them to the younger ones. :)