Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Ghost of Easters Past

So, I was looking up this recipe for resurrection rolls that I make for an annual Easter activity (every year I forget...and every year Ezra reminds me :).  As I was looking back through Easter post after post, I couldn't help but smile at the mere sight of Georgia's chubby cheeks and curls, Scarlett's ginormous mouth, and Ezra...well...Ezra's pretty much always looked the same. Anyway, I figured I might as well spread the smiles around and share.  Take a look if you want, don't if you don't.  Mostly I'm posting this for those who love my children most of all (you know who you are ;)


2010- II

In other news...

I went in to Target the other day to buy 2 items.  I walked out $50 poorer.  What can I say? I just can't resist the siren call of fabulous patterns.  

Back! Back ye Temptresses of Modern Consumerism!


Kim said...

Haha Love the yogurt cups in the background of the 2008 finished eggs! I guess that's when you know you're at the in-laws. Lucky you! (This is super random but hilarious: Ben will randomly worry that I'm going to be a hoarder (coughlikesomeoneelseinthefamcough) and the other day I asked him what he thought of the yogurt cups. He quickly said, "Um. Yeah. We WON'T be doing that."

Anyhow. Love your kids! And your dedication to posting :)

Alabama Apples said...

ooooh, loved it! darn, though, i see how many Easters I haven't spent with you. Love, love love you all! What fab goodies did you find at the siren's store? Share, share!

Steph said...

I loved, loved (!) going back and seeing Easters past. It was so much fun!! All the kids gathered around the computer screen to take a peek at the cousins. They had a riot trying to guess which baby was who. Greyson was shocked to see how little Ezzie looked in 2008. I had to laugh to myself because that's when we lived in OK together and they became best of buds. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Give those cute Lifferth chillun' kisses from Auntie!!

Aubrey said...

Believe it or not I did go back and look at them, or at least most of them, because I love to see how much kids grow within the first few years. I understand the Target thing, I'm feeling like there's a hole in my pocket every time I go to a store.