Friday, April 27, 2012

sex in the city

That title has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  But you looked, didn't ya?
(you can thank my brother-in-law, Phil, for this)

Hey y'all!  Welcome to my last ditch effort to post Easter pictures during the month they happened in.  I figured better late then never, right?  Moving on...

We started off the festivities with traditional egg dying.  Spencer said 4 dozen eggs were too many.  I said, "Neeeeveeer!" (cue Braveheart-worthy passion)

Our girl Melissa loves us so darn much that she stuck around at our house after a Young Womens activity and helped the kids dye eggs.  It was loads of fun to have her there :)

Scarlett is toootally posing for this picture.  She reminds me of Kate from Titanic here. anyone else? Posing is her new (semi-obnoxious) thing.  It makes taking pictures oh-so-hilariously difficult.

I was proud of the Easter clothes this year.  I took what the kids already had and just mixed and matched until I found a color combo I liked.  I only ended up buying Oak a white shirt and Georgia's dress, so it wasn't too pricey overall.  Now I just need to convince my husband he's a lucky man to have such a thrifty wife.  Pretty sure he just noticed Georgia's $14 dress :P c'est la vie.

The Boys

 The Girls

 The closest thing we got to a successful 4-kid picture

 I had a cute matching tie for Ezra, but about 5 minutes before church, it broke.  It was a bummer.

 How beautiful is she?  I mean, really?

 Ahhh, happy boy.

Remember how I said Scarlett has had a really rough time taking pictures lately?  It's like she's so busy trying to pose that she's forgotten how to look normal.  The proof is in the pudding...


case. in. point.

Sad to say this is the I got (and even that's a stretch)

And...the only half-way ok pictures from the egg hunt.  Every year we try to get good ones and every year we fail.  They just move too darn fast.  Oh well.

 I took many pictures of the 3 oldest and not a single one turned out. This is the closest one I got.  boo!

Oak kept up with the action too.  I was surprised at how many eggs and pieces of candy he managed to find all on his very own.

 The End.
yay! yay! if you made it all the way to the end.  Gold star for you!


Monica Lifferth said...

Ha ha! I love your posts. Scarlett is a crack up. Seriously.

Kim said...

Let's be honest for a second: Your kids are the cutest stinking things ever and I miss them SOOOO much when you post pictures. I swear. Gah! I love them! And I am like so okay with waiting 2-3 years before I have kids...but seeing pics of these hooligans just makes me baby hungry. But don't worry-I had a sore back for days after toting Ms. Georgia around Disneyland so I just have to think of that and the hunger subsides ;) But I am thinking the kids are probably going to have to spend some quality time with their Aunt Kim during a visit. Maybe next summer? Deal.

sharon said...

Your little Oak is so stinkin cute! That little smile of his. Scarlett looks like her Aunt Liberty. Are you sure your not raising her little one? :) Taking pictures is always a fun time, and they are always fun to go back and look at when they get older.

Jennae said...

Oh Scarlett! I can't stop laughing add her delightful face!

Gretch said...

Hahaha~ I love your posts, they always make me laugh! Scarlett- LOVE HER! Such cute kiddos you guys have. Oh and the title of the post did have me intrigued. LOL!

holyoak said...

What a wonderful post! I love the pictures of the lil' liffers, poses and all. How cute they are and growing so much so fast. Scarlett is such a character! So much fun to read down through this. Thank you so very much. Long-distance is not the next best to being there, next to Skype, these posts are! FB - not even in the same realm!

Sure do love all of you very much! I hope all y'all are hav'n fun this weekend!

Steph said...

K. Seriously even though I had already previewed the pics I literally laughed out loud...a.lot. I am glad you had a fun Easter. Too bad we didn't share our Easter table and let the kids pick at the food, got out as soon as they possibly can and then let us adults sit, chat and eat our cold food. ;) Ahhh, good times, good times. Those Easter pics of S. will go down in infamy. They are seriously "break out when the boyfriend/fiancee/husband comes over" worthy. Let me be there when you do...please, pretty please!! All that said, they are adorable and you really did get some great shots. Kudos to you!! I even admired how you took pics in front of your purple flowering bush matching the outfits. Lovely!!
I'm missing you all already. I guess if there is a day that goes by and I don't see your family's beautiful faces I miss them. That's just the truth. Love THEM!! Thanks for the post!! :)

Alabama Apples said...

Love it! Ok, I was laughing so hard seeing the pics of Scarli...haahaahaa...hmmm,not quite sure if I want to claim her as a little me ;) just kidding!! If only I was that darling!! Your kiddies always make me smile and laugh. Not only are they beautiful, but they do and say the funniest things. Love it!

Thanks, Phil! I loved the title ;)