Monday, July 9, 2012

They've had a birthday...

 Shout hurray!

We've had lots of fun birthdays going on around here.  We started off May with a bang with Spencer's on the 14th, then Georgia's on the 26th, and Oak's on June 7th.  It seems our birthdays group together in this house :)

Spencer's was his 30th, so we couldn't resist dropping off goodies at work to embarrass him with...

Got the idea from here, via Pintrest

 Happy Birthday to the single best guy I know! I love you, my dear!


Georgia's birthday was full of pink, fun, and sparkles
The Birthday girl with the loot

 Auntie Steph knew to cash in on Georgia's current mermaid craze

 Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

After seeing a pink lemonade pie on Pintrest, Georgia knew she had to have it.  Therefore, as the mom, I had to deliver.

Happy 5th, Miss Gee!


We were lucky enough to spend Oak's first birthday with Spencer's family in Utah.  It was crazy-busy as it was the day before Spencer's little sister, Kim's, wedding, but we managed to squeeze some birthday fun in.

The (apparently one-legged) Birthday Boy

 waiting for the party to start

Oak was so sweet while opening gifts.  He was just so happy every time we opened a new one.

yay! for fun new toys from Great-Grandma Jackie!

 Make a wish!

Fully enjoying the dairy-free chocolaty goodness

Happy 1st, Oakie Boy!


Almost all caught up, folks, on early summer stuff...just a mere bazillion pictures left to post.  We'll get there, I promise ;)


Hannah Elizabeth said...

Yay! for birthdays! They're the best holidays. :) I can't believe how big Georgia and Oak are getting! So, so, SO excited to see you guys again soon! Give everyone big loves from Auntie Hannah! (and Uncle Jesse too ;)

Aubrey said...

Crazy amount of birthdays this time of year! Happy Birthday to your sweet family. Carlin turned 30 too! Guess I should post about that...