Thursday, October 11, 2012

Formspring: Ezra's Toothless Costume

A little bit ago I got this question on Formspring:

Hi Whitney! I was wondering how you and your engineer made the Toothless Costume?! I'm trying to do one before Halloween.  Thanks so much!

For those of y'all that need a refresher, they're asking about Ezra's Halloween costume from last year, Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

Spencer based the wings off of this version:
He scaled the wings down so they would fit Ezra. You can scale it up or down, however you'd like, the only thing that matters is the distance to the pivot points, just make sure you scale them all the same. We just attached the wooden wing frame to a thrift store backpack and kind of draped the cheapest black knit fabric I could find over the frame to make it look like wings. If you'd like more specific details on anything, including the tail and cap, feel free to ask again!

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Aubrey said...

Ah thanks, I kind of asked you somewhere else not on formspring... I think. At least I meant to ask you. Right now I'm just trying to get Samuel to agree on one costume...