Sunday, October 28, 2012

To my Scarlett, on her 4th Birthday

Oh, Scarlett, my Scarlett, how I love you so.  You are truly pure sunshine all bottled up into a tiny little body. I've heard you described as a happy soul and I couldn't have said it better myself.  You are the happiest, most joyful little person I've ever known.  Sure, you have your down and weepy moments and days, as we all do, but, overall, you are pure, bright, sparkly sunshine.

My little beach babe

Scarli Girl, you make me sooo happy and bring me oh-so-much joy.  It's no secret that you were a surprise and I've often thought back to that stressful year and know that you were a gift given to bring us happiness.  You've never stopped giving it to us since.

One of your eternal poses
(no picture can be taken without one)

No sunshine is complete without a few, Miss Scarlett, are one stubborn little duck.  In one word, you are persistent.  You latch onto things like a dog to a bone and there just isn't any shaking you.  When you whine, you just don't give it up, no matter how many distractions or threats are given.  When you cry it's to the point of hysterics.  On the other hand, when you play, you play to the death.  I pity any adult to decides to play with you because you simply don't let them go.  They become your bestest, funnest, dearest friend instantly and you simply cannot allow them a break...poor unsuspecting victims that they are.

Somehow you conned one of the bridesmaids into loaning you her flowers...

You are such a funny little imp, Scarli Girl.  You, quite literally, dance through life.  All are giggles and curls where you are concerned.  You couldn't sit still if your life depended upon it (heaven knows, anyone who watched you during today's Sacrament Meeting Primary Program would agree :P).  Getting you to sit longer than 3 seconds is a daily challenge that I've yet to meet. *cough*ADD*cough*  In fact, it's extremely difficult to get you to consume any non-candy calories at all since you won't stay at the table long enough to eat much (candy, on the other hand, you have zero difficulty consuming in great quantities while prancing around the house).  Even when we sing bedtime songs you wiggle and dance while laying in bed.  I guess I should've known that there would've been a price to pay for your sunny disposition...if your wiggles are the price, I'll gladly pay them.

Impulse control has never exactly been a strength...

You still adore the colors red and yellow, although you have a soft spot for pink too, which seems to be written in the Girly Girl Code of Life.  You love sparkles and twirly skirts with a passion.  Your pearls are an absolute must with every outfit you wear.  Pjs, dresses, always have your $1 pearls on (so much so, in fact, that I finally just gave you an old strand of mine for your birthday today since the elastic in yours was long past its sell-by date).  You flirt with all the boys shamelessly.  You adore your siblings, cousins, Aunties, and well...people in general.  People, in turn, can't help but adore you too.  Like I said last year and the year before, Miss Scarlett, to know you is to love you.  I can't think of a single person who doesn't.  You love to dance and sing all day long, whether it's to your primary song cd or Fun.'s We Are Young (a particular favorite).  You live to please and you get crushed so easily.  I send you to your room for a time-out, your heart breaks, and hysterics ensue.  The crazy thing is they're genuine hysterics.  You really do think the world is ending.  That doesn't keep you from naughtiness, heaven knows (as the great hair shearing of 2012 proves), but it might keep me from sending you to your room as often as I probably should.  Again...I'll always take the not-so-good with the good for you, Scarli Girl.  You are absolutely 100% worth it.

You naughty little imp
The Girls
Ella Grace, Scarlett Caroline, and Georgia Marie

Oh Scarlett, my baby girl, I'm so happy you're mine.  You put most adults to shame with the sheer amount of personality you carry around in your tiny 29lb frame.  You think life is a feast to be enjoyed, my dear, which, in turn, helps us all to feast a little more too.  I love you, my Scarlett Caroline.  Your huge grins, endless giggles, and to-die-for cuddles bring me up on my darkest days.  You really are my sunshine and you really do make me happy when skies are gray.  I simply don't know what I'd do without you, my love.  My heart aches just thinking about how much I love you.  You are the reason parents have babies.  They do it in the hopes of having one like you.

Mommy loves you, Scarli Girl!

Happy 4th Birthday
Miss Scarlett Caroline!

ps-I know it looks like all those white shirt, blue tulle skirt pictures were taken from the same day, but actually they weren't.  She just wore the same outfit to two different weddings because it happened to match both color sets.  Just, ya know, in case you were wondering... ;)


Alabama Apples said...

Happy birthday, Miss Sunny Scarli!! Auntie Lib was first to know of your impending life adventure and loved you from your very thought. I absolutely adore your smile and sparkly blues. You ARE pure joy!

Adrienne said...

I love your birthday letters. It's a great way to get to know your kids from far away.

and sorry about the miscarriage. Know how you feel. Hang in there :)

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday to a little mini-Whitney. I don't know why, but she just reminds me tons of you.

Kim said...

Love me some Scarlett! you're right: beautiful ray of sunshine, that girl. Tell her I love her to pieces!