Sunday, January 20, 2013

dining room update!

Heavens, my blog has slowed down post-Christmas, hasn't it?  Oh well, that seems to be the way it always is every year.  Frankly, there's just not that much going on 'round these parts.  I always have big hopes (I even have coffee filters collecting dust that I had plans to turn into snowflakes with the kids), but I'm just so burnt out after all the fall and December festivities that I kind of just lay low all of January.  I didn't want to leave y'all hanging on the dining room/kitchen project, though, so I figure I'll fill ya in on that front at least.

After we tore down the wall and had a mini-week-long breather we tore out the carpet and a few boards from the kitchen (you don't want a clean line between the two, obviously).  The weekend before Christmas, we started to lay the flooring.  It was hard work, but surprisingly not all that difficult, once you got the hang of it.  We continued to lay flooring up through Christmas afternoon, when we finally got everything laid.

This is the linoleum we found under our kitchen hardwood.  Georgia thought it was simply gorgeous and couldn't understand why we'd want to cover it up.

In this picture, you can see where we tore up some of the boards leading into the kitchen to make it less obvious where the new floor starts and the old one ends.
You can also see Ezra putting together his new Legos on Christmas day...which is where he sat all. day. long.  I'm not even joking, he literally sat down before the rest of the family finished opening presents and didn't move all day long except for a 10 minute break when his "hands got sweaty."

This is with everything sanded smooth.  Right before this point, the chillun' and I had headed down to Oklahoma to visit the fam and Spence was on his own.  Heaven knows he was more productive that way ;)

Ahhh, lovely newly stained flooring :)

This weekend, Spencer put the molding up around the doorway.  I don't have a picture yet, since I wanted to wait until everything is painted, but I shot this while Scarlett was helping Spencer nail the molding up.  She was so cute about it and didn't miss an opportunity to help out.  Then again...what little girl doesn't like power tools? ;)

I think that's about it for now.  Sorry I'm so bland and what-not, but to be honest, the brood has taken it out of me today.  I am completely  Hopefully next post all be a lot more witty-like :)


Kim said...

Thanks for always commenting on my blog--I really appreciate it :) So I love how your kitchen turned out. And I love how dark you did the floor. It turned out so great! And it must've been nice having a good helper with you!

Aubrey said...

Go you! We are getting inspired to start some projects around our house - hopefully to be completed before the baby gets here...

Caldwell Family said...

I love that you guys are redoing on your own! It looks great and I hope one day (when we finally stop moving) I'll get the chance too. I'll be calling you for tips. :) It's really coming together! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Hannah Elizabeth said...

It looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in person. Jesse and I WILL make it up there eventually. :)