Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh, my heck, I love this kid.

I was going to post this on facebook, but then I remembered I like you better :)

Ezra taught last night's Family Home Evening lesson on money management.  He set up a mini-store to show the girls different options for spending their pretend money and to explain the virture of saving up versus spending it on something short-lived (like the infamous Cotton Candy Blunder of '12).  He then asked each of us personalized questions like, "Dad, if you lose your job, should you get the first one you can find, or wait for one that you're better at or with a better price?"

I suggested he teach it after listening to him show me his business plan for next summer's lemonade stand for the 500th time.  He's already made up posters and has a list of items needed (with accompanying picture) labeled S1, S2... for Step 1, Step 2... It's friggin' adorable, but still, one does get tired of hearing about it.

His new favorite movie is Piggy Banks to Money Markets from the library.  It's kind of like Dave Ramsey for kids.  He informed me he'd love a copy of his very own next Christmas.

He's currently walking around singing the song (from the aforementioned movie), Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.

Sometimes he's so much like his dad, it kills me.

Oh, my heck, I love this kid.


Hellobridgett said...

Love it! So cute and impressive! How old is he again?!

whitney said...

Bridgett- He's 7 going on 35 ;)

Amber and Jon said...

Wow Whitney that is one amazing kid, good thing he has such a great Mom to guide him!

cooper said...

One might think that when you were pregnant with Ezzie you were just the oven and Spence added ALL the ingredients. ;) What a little smartie-pants!! I think he is well on his way to becoming fiscally sound!! He is yards ahead of a lot of adults when it comes to money comprehension. Yay, Ez!!

Aubrey said...

Ah man, at least you won't ever have to worry about him and money. Now if I can just teach my kids the same thing. Maybe Ezra can come give them a lesson? :)

Athena said...

This is hilarious and wonderful at the same time. Your kid is awesome.