Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter, part I

I'm gonna cut to the chase and just post a bunch of pictures.  We all know that's what you're here for anyway ;)

note: if it seems I love taking pictures of some of my children more than others, just remember that some were more willing to cooperate than others (ie: not running away at the first camera break)

All the mowglis, looking slightly less mowgli-ish than usual

Ezra was completely disgruntled at having to take pictures in this shot.  Against direct orders, he had ran into the house, completely changed out of his church clothes, and had washed the gel from his hair...only to be forced back into it all again for pictures.  I should feel bad, but I don't.  He was heavily warned ahead of time that there wouldn't be any getting out of them.

I reminded him of the forthcoming Easter candy that would be withheld upon lack of participation.

He decided to participate.

The Girls
Oh, look! Feminized versions of my husband!

I can't even believe how old they're getting!

I case you need a reminder of Bad Scarlett Poses of Easters Past

I love, love, love this shot of Scarlett.

Every girl needs a close-up

What can I say?
Georgia loves having her picture taken

How sunny is this girl?
so bright I need shades.

This picture is true Georgia-ness

yay! yay! for sisters!

The Boys
Love this picture of this good-lookin' boy
(with a wonky tie because he had to re-put it on after taking it off :P)

He's saying "dude" here, per his father's request.
ya know, in case you were wondering.

This boy knows how to work the camera.

What handsome little men I have!

this is his naughty face.
I'm all-too-familiar with it.

Ezra believes that open eyes for pictures are optional.
no, he seriously does.  you can ask him.
the funny thing is no one can tell the difference.

Oak was oh-so-proud of the big stick he found.

such a little big man he's becoming

Well, I was going to post pictures of egg dying and egg hunting too, but those are gonna have to wait.  It's after 10:00pm and I have a hot bath, a new book, and a bag of lemon drops a-callin' my name.

However, if you can't possibly wait another minute to see more pictures of my children, I'm including the links to previous years' Easter pictures just for kicks and giggles.

You're welcome, Stephanie ;)

2010- I & II

The End


Kim said...

yay! yay! yay! I love the pictures (which isn't to say I don't ALSO love your witty musings, cause I do). Oakie is getting so darn handsome! I LOVE these kids! Reading your blog makes me wonder why I even try with mine. It can't be worth it without having those cute faces to talk about. Anyhow, I better not have to wait long for the rest of your easter pictures...

Aubrey said...

You are so awesome coordinating your kids and remembering to take pictures and all that jazz. I was just happy to make it through church this Easter. Seriously though, cute outfits and I can't believe how big your kids are becoming. I know, I know, it happens to everyone - but it's still incredible. Especially your Georgia, looking so grown-up.

Megan Tea said...

I love the black and white!~ What a beautiful family.