Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lessons learned from my trip to Indiana:

People in Valparaiso, Indiana are not particularly helpful when your car overheats.

People in Jacksonville, Illinois, however, ARE quite helpful when your car overheats.

My husband doesn't recognize when I dye my hair.

12 children, under the age of 12, is A LOT...especially in public.

Those dozen kids consume food like locusts, leaving only crumbs and sticky messes in their wake.

Dealing with screaming children in the car = high speeds = speeding ticket.

The $120 part to fix cruise control is still cheaper than the aforementioned ticket + part.

9 children, with only a single adult to supervise, can actually live through a sparklers and poppers session without a single ER visit (especially if that adult is my superman of a brother-in-law).

9 hours in the car (each way) alone with 4 small children is surprisingly doable, especially when high levels of candy and dvds are consumed.

Every single second, penny, mile, tear, and wrinkle was worth it to get to see my two best besties and their broods!

Love you, Lib and Steph!


Cheyenne Holyoak said...

Sounds like fun!! What color is your hair?? We need pictures:)

holyoak said...

I love your posts my dear. Sorry to hear of your struggles! The costs of a ticket should kick Spencer in a higher gear to fix things one would expect!

Thank you for being a faithful blogger, I so much prefer these to FB!!

Love you!

holyoak said...
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holyoak said...
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Aubrey said...

You're my hero. I get so stressed I often refuse to travel to see my family... haha.

what color is your hair? And can your next trip be to see me? Or maybe I'll crash your place with my brood. Seriously, I miss you.