Monday, October 14, 2013

random musings and be-lated labor day

Sorry I haven't posted in so long.  My life has been a little...fuzzy of late.  A lot of sleep deprivation, hormonal fluctuations, trying to get back into the swing of things with school, coupled with just being October (which happens to be the busiest month of the year for me).  I just haven't felt like myself (which is usually a sure sign I need to up my medication :P).  I look at my blog and something feels off, because I just don't think I'm really coming through anymore.  I've played catch-up for so long that it just seems like a parade of pictures.  Don't get me are great, pictures are grand, pictures are what make the blogosphere go 'round...but pictures aren't the only reason I blog.  I also blog so I have a place to let Me come through.  Once I became a mom, it became so hard for me to feel like I had much of a personality anymore.  I felt like my kids just kind of sucked it out of me, leaving me with just the shell leftover who only cares about nursing, messes, and homework.  Blogging reminds me of who I am...the funny me, creative me, snarky me, happy me.  I need that.  Hopefully, as I gear up for the picture-parade, holiday-filled posts of the next few months, I'll be able to recapture that Me-ness that is this blog.  That's the plan, anyway :)

And of course...a picture parade before the holiday season completely overruns the place :)

Fischer after his very first bath (about a week and a half old)
Thanks Great-Grandma Blanchard for his super-cozy hooded towel!

We went and hung out at Lake Lenexa for a labor day weenie-roast.  The kids loved playing down at the water and feeding all the mini-fish that hung out at the edges.  The mowglis threw hotdog bun pieces in the water at them, which they swarmed to.  Oak discovered he could get similar results by throwing in grass, leaving the bread for him to eat.
smart kid, that one.

Sorry if I was a little bit of a downer this post.  Hopefully I'll perk up a bit next time.  Considering I'm gearing up for Halloween and birthday festivities, fun posts are a-comin'! :)


Hokanson Family said...

Whitney, hang in there, having a new baby, adding him to the mix, add sleep deprivation, and 4 other kids and a husband you will be exausted! I think it has taken me a good 2 months after having a baby to finally feel like I can survive.. Keep it up, you can do this. Make sure you nap, call someone if you need to sleep, who wouldn't want to hold a new baby and watch your sweet oak! Just keep swimming... Love ya Michie

Aubrey said...

I for one love the Whitney posts over the picture parades. Don't get me wrong I do love pics of your kids too. You should just do what I do and skip it when I get too far behind. :)