Sunday, November 24, 2013

October in November, part II

As many of you know, October is a big birthday month around here, with Ezra's on the 23rd and Scarlett's on the 28th.   The last half of October is literally the busiest 2 weeks of the year for me, but I gotta say, I love every minute of it.

Since Ezra turned the big 0-8 this year, he got to have his first friend sleepover.  He was beyond excited for it, as were his guests (especially his bestie, Liam, whose first sleepover it was too).  It was pretty much insanity having an extra three grade-school-aged boys in the house (heaven knows, no one got a wink of sleep), but they all loved it so darn much we'll have to do it again :)

The man of the hour

#1, #2, and #3

The birthday boy with his guests, Hayden (above), Liam and Nathan

Ezra's minecraft creeper cake
(Hayden and Nathan did the chocolate for me since they're oh-so-much-more familiar with all things minecraft)

Happy Birthday, Ezra Emil!!!

Next up, Miss S!  Scarlie-girl turned 5 years old this year. Despite her tiny-stature, she actually is getting bigger all the time, believe it or not.  If not inches, than at least in years :)

 The Birthday Girl!!

 showin' off the goods

 I couldn't resist a stellar-deal on a mini-me American Girl doll, Marie-Grace
(does she not match her perfectly?!)

 The other American Girl doll

She's a simple girl...all she wanted was a yellow cake, purple sparkles, and a number candle.
done. done. and done.

By Scarlett's birthday on the 28th, we were quickly running out time to carve pumpkins, so we squished them in-between the birthday celebrations.

 Ezra with his giant pumpkin, pre-carving

 Oak couldn't wait to get in there and get his hands dirty.
Oh, how I love that boy.

Georgia's my texture-girl and hasn't done any pumpkin-cleaning in the past, but she sucked it up this year and got to work.

Ezra and Scarlett, however, wanted nothing to do with any of that messiness.

Oak, in typical fashion, taking things into his own hands. 
Don't worry, folks, I took it away as soon as I snapped the picture.

 Mr. F watching the action

The birthday girl with her finished product. 
If it looks like nothing to you, don't worry, you're normal.  We have the kids draw their picture straight onto the pumpkin and we attempt to cut it out.  The end results are...unique.

Georgia girl and her pretty pumpkin with the long, golden locks 

Ezra, it seems, oddly resembles his pumpkin

We tried and tried and tried to get a group shot, but Oak was just too darn interested in blowing out the candles instead.

Well, that's all for tonight! phew!  Thanks for hanging in there!  Next up...Halloween!


Cheyenne Holyoak said...
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Cheyenne Holyoak said...

LOVE Ezra's smiles!! It looks like it was party central at the Lifferth's home!! We will send Stetson over for his birthday in June;) I love reading your blog!

holyoak said...

When we saw Ezra's picture with his pumpkin we said, their smiles are alike! Then we read your comment and we were all on the same wavelength! Gotta love the boy, he tries so hard to smile! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Oak on the other hand, just takes it all with a growl, unless he is caught off guard by not realizing the camera is being used. Then the sunshine in his soul shines through!
I love Scarlet's poses. Always with a simple tip of the head and a "star is born"! Geo takes up the whole range on the smile scale. I give her an A in versatility!

Can hardly wait to see you this weekend!!

Aubrey said...

Aw man, I thought I commented on this one. Just know that I do read your blog and enjoy every word and picture, even if I don't always comment. :)