Wednesday, December 4, 2013

October in November-ish, part III

Finally, finally our last October in November post...which isn't actually in November at all.  c'est la vie.  I don't have time to split hairs anymore.  As our grand finale...costumes!!

Ezra, the King Cobra

Miss S was a princess.
She was going to be a flapper, but we had a last-minute snafu with the Georgia's old princess costume got an encore.  Luckily Scarlett's laid-back little personality came in handy and she was fine with the eleventh hour switch.

Miss G, the fashion designer.
She is insistent she's going to be a fashion designer and own her own boutique when she grows up, so we couldn't resist temporarily fulfilling that dream for Halloween.

Army men, Oak and Fischer

 ...and their tank

What can I say, Spencer couldn't resist ;)

Well, that's an October wrap, folks!

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Aubrey said...

You always have awesome costumes and I love what you did to the stroller. Also, when did Oak get so big?! I feel like he should still be a baby.