Friday, January 18, 2008

My fabuwous Ezra

Ezra says and does such funny and cute things that I figured I'd share some of them with ya'll.
1. He likes to point out the moon in the sky during the day. I think Spencer told him what it was once and he just latched on to the idea.

2. Whenever he eats something he likes, he says it der-icious. Other pleasing things are considered fabuwous (wonder where he got that one:P).

3. Ezra loves horses. Granddad's horses aren't actually Granddad's horses anymore. Ezra calls them his horses and even knows them by name and sight. Lucy, Fox (although that one sounds like a swear word when he says it:P), Jack, and Jill.

4. He's caught onto the expression, "I got an idea!" The funny thing is he thinks that statement is an end unto itself. No need to follow up with an actual idea, Ezra just likes to inform us he has one.

5. Ez'll steal Georgia's socks and hide them, just so he can walk around looking in different places and saying, "Nope! Not here!" After an appropriate length of time looking for said sock, he discovers it and does a little marching dance.

6. He made up a song today while waiting for me to make his chicken nuggets. It went something like this: Chicken Nuggets/Chicken Nuggets!/They're coming/They're coming!/(grand finale) Chicken Nuggets are COMING!!

7. Whenever we practice him turning down food, Ezra says, "No thank you, I'm allergic. I'm allergic to milk, nuts, and girls." (ok, this one might have been fed to him, but it's still hilarious to hear him say it)

8. You sing Ezra a song maybe three times and he'll remember it and be able to sing along with you. He loves any kind of song-primary songs, hymns, nursery rhymes, theme songs (Broccoli/Celery/Gotta be...Veggie Tales!) and his own made-up songs (refer to #6). We discovered he knew all of How Great Thou Art the other day (or, as he likes to say, "how gweat thou waart"). It's not a song we sing real often, but somehow Ez had picked it up. I'm still trying to get him to sing it for the camera and when I do, ya'll will be the first to see it.

9. Presently, Ezra has a swollen and bruised eye from a bump against our foot rest, a small blood blister on his finger, and a dying, light gray front tooth. Yep, he's that active.

10. He knows how to work our entire DVD player. He can turn it on, open it, switch out the DVDs, close it, and push play. Ez does this all by standing on my glider footrest (and no, it is not stable, hence the eye mishap). Oddly enough, he hasn't figured out how to change the channels on the TV to get to the one where the movie will show up. When he gets that one, we're in real trouble. Then again, with his mischievous grin and those baby blues, I'm beginning to think we already are...


Spencer said...

Ezra is a smart little guy. This morning I sang a song that I'm sure he has never heard in his life and he would sing along, just a word or two behind me. My biggest fear about his love for singing is that he will love to sing, but be as bad at it as me. The combination is not looking pretty good. I could brag on and on about our Ezra - what can I say, he's my boy.

Anonymous said...

You two seriously have the cutest kids ever! Ezra is the smartest cutest little boy ever - you're going to have to beat the girls off of him with a stick!

Alabama Apples said...

I love it!! I can't wait for you guys to come here and I can see it first hand. He sounds like such a cutie. Momsays he's been a sweeter boy with this allergy thing being figured out. Yeah for that! This is Kit's favorite age. I love it, too when I sit back and try to enjoy.

Nathan and Esther said...

Hi Whitney! This is yet another one of spencer's cousins, Esther, daughter of Sandy (if that helps, cus there are so many of us!) I love reading your blog! You have some darling kids and it sounds like Ezra is quite the character!

Steph said...

Cute little, Ez. I love his singing. It is so sweet and will bring a smile to my face everytime...and who couldn't love is mischivious smile. He makes me think of Cooper...and perhaps Cooper would've been able to sing more songs if her would've been able to talk as well as Ez does... Ez is such a fabulous (fabuwous)little boy--Auntie Steph loves Ezra!!!

Aubrey said...

Madison can turn on the tv and work the dvd/video player by herself too. This last week it has not been working... I wonder why? Just a little warning for ya! Ezra sounds like such an entertaining little man. I tell ya, Madison is just cracking me up these days with the things she comes up with. Kids are so fun!

camille said...

oh man,, I could totally be entertained in your home just by Ezra!!! he is a total card and I love it.

My oldest (just turned 7) doesn't even know how to work the DVD player - nor how to change the channels with the remote control. hummmmmmm,,, I think I ought to let him figure this out some time!!!! =)

Smiley Family said...

Hey Whitney, cousin Jamie here. I wandered onto your blog and it has been fun reading about you guys. We miss having you here in Utah, but it is great that you are so much closer to your family.

Ezra sounds like such a cute kid. I had to laugh at his chicken nugget song because my girl, Ashlyn has a chicken nugget song too! She just started singing one day, "I love chicken nuggets, I love chicken nuggets!" I wasn't fixing chicken nuggets at the time but I figured I better, so that's what she had for lunch that day. It is so funny what kids come up with.

Anyway, I will be adding you to my links so I can visit your blog again:)

The Lund Five said...

It's me--your cousin Emily. We hear about you guys occasionally from Richard and Carole. I hope all is going well for you in Oklahoma. Your kids are sure cute!