Monday, March 16, 2009

Scarlett Caroline

Name & Meaning: Scarlett Caroline. *sigh* I love Scarlett's name. It's just so fun and dramatic, yet classic sounding. It sounds like a heroine in a novel...oh, wait, it is a heroine in a novel. That would be Gone With The Wind :P No, we didn't name Scarlett after the book. I just loved the name and (surprisingly, so did Spencer). We get GOBS of people asking us if we did (especially since we have a daughter named Georgia too), but it's still worth it to use such a fabulous name. It's old-fashioned without being musty...just perfect. As for Caroline, we love, love, love the name and even considered using it for a first name, but we didn't want to have two "state" daughters and I was a little worried about Caroline becoming too common. So, we decided to bump it to the middle name. As Spencer's mom's name is Carole, we liked having the family connection in honor of her. Not to mention it's a head-nod in Brother Neil [Diamond]'s direction (I'm referring to Sweet Caroline for those of you non-fans).

Age: 4 and a half months.

Nicknames: Scarlie, Scar, Scarl (thanks, Spencer for those last two :P), Miss Scarlett (my mom likes to do that one in the voice of Prissy from Gone With The Wind), The Littlest, Little Miss, and occasionally Lettie.

Favorite Activities: Nursing, talking to Ez and Georgia, eating her hands, rolling all over the room, and watching TV (really...I'm not proud but I'm not going to claim it doesn't come in handy).

Favorite Foods: Boob Juice (although we did let her suck on a pickle the other day and she was lovin' that).

Least Favorite Foods: I'll get back to you on that one in a couple of months.

Favorite Music: Anything her brother and sister dance to if that means she gets to watch.

Favorite Toy: She's a fan of her ring moose and any part of my body she can get ahold of.

Favorite Item of Clothing: None. She MUCH prefers to be naked.

What Makes Her Happy:
Being held. If Scarlett had her way, she'd be held all day, every day.

Makes Her Sad:
Being put down and when I (dare) to switch her from my boob to a binky.

Funny Words or Phrases: None yet (obviously), although she's the cutest when she gurgles, spits (a recently discovered skill) and talks. Ezra especially loves to hear her. He's always taking out her binky and telling me, "Scarlett doesn't want her binky, she wants to talk."


Alabama Apples said...

Fab pic of her! What a cutie! Love the name, love her!!!

Kika+Trevor said...

She is such a doll! And I agree with you, the name is dramatic and classy! Very feminine!

Hey teach me to have 3 columns on the blog? How come I am the last one to know about this? Am I so out of the blog news?!?!?!

hugs hugs

Aubrey said...

I LOVE that picture of her. She is so adorable and tiny.

Steph said...

She is my favorite teeny, tiny little woodland fairy. Ahhh, she makes me smile at just the thought of her. I love, love, love her. She truly is a ray of sunshine in my life.

Courtney said...

Whitney Scarlett is getting so big! All your kids are so cute, and I really like all their names. Just wanted you to know that I also really loved The Book Thief.

Courtney said...

Oh and thanks about my blog background. It was so much fun designing, I love messing around with all the Creative Suite software. I like your blog too, did you design yours?

Chrissy said...

What a doll! I would love to introduce Adia to your kids. Maybe there will be a reunion soon.

Gretch said...

I also love love Scarlett's name! We actually talked about using it for Harmony but thought that having a Scarlett and a Charlotte wouldn't work.

What a cutie she is! I think I'm going to copy your idea and talk about my kiddos on my blog. Thanks for the idea!