Friday, March 6, 2009

Ezra Emil

I saw this on a blog I love and couldn't help but copy it (thanks Emily!). Today I'll tell all about Ezra, in a few days I'll do Georgia, followed by Scarlett. Hope you enjoy!

(yes, you've seen that picture on here before. I've just been a loser picture-taker lately.)

Name & Meaning: Ezra Emil Lifferth. Out of all of our kids, Ezra's name is the most steeped in meaning. We knew we wanted to do an E name for the first and Emil for the middle in honor of Spencer's great grandfather Ernest Emil (aka E.E.) and Spence's younger brother, Eric Emil. I adore Ezra's name-it's such a strong, steady name shared by many great and spiritual men. I love the fact that Ezra will have not only E.E. and Eric to look up to, but also Ezra Taft Benson and the great biblical scribe and priest, Ezra. Plus he shares his name with a (little-known) book in the Bible-how cool is that?

3 years, 4 months

I call him: Ez, little bug, Ezra Emil (I know it's his full name, but I often use it as a nickname, not just when he's in trouble). Spencer calls him: buddy, little critter, buckaroo, buckaroon-macaroon, Ez. Georgia calls him : Ezie, Ez.

Favorite Activites:
Building things from blocks, playdough, and pokey blocks, playing with trains, singing, throwing things, drinking liquid of any kind, reading books, and playing with his bestest frenemy (ie: friend and enemy), his cousin Greyson.

Favorite Foods:
chicken nuggets, french fries, cereal, rice and bread with butter (ok, really safe margarine 'cause everything's better with blue bonnet on it), chocolate soy milk, regular soy milk, vanilla soy milk, juice (did I mention my kid drinks all. day. long.) and Philly Swirls.

Least Favorite Foods:
sandwiches, soups, onions, tomatoes, meat (obviously chicken nuggets aren't counted as meat in his book...he might actually be right :P), and any of the other countless foods he's never tried but insists he hates.

Favorite Music:
the Veggie Tales song (broccoli, celery, gotta be...VEGGIE TALES!), hymns and primary songs (his favorite hymn is How Great Thou Art which he insists is called, Oh Lord My God), ABBA, and other random songs like Zac Brown Band's Chicken Fried, Tim McGraw's Last Dollar (Fly Away), Katy Perry's Hot 'N' Cold, and much, much more.

Favorite Toy:
Trains, balls, and his buildable marble track.

Favorite Book:
The ABC Sing Along book. Before that it was The Little Engine That Could. Anything by Dr. Seuss is always a sure bet.

Favorite Item of Clothing:
flip-flops (he was ecstatic when it was warm enough to wear them today), his cousin Greyson's sandals (he covets them), and any shirt with a sports-related picture on it [insert eye roll here].

What Makes Him Happy:
cuddling, especially if there is a book involved...even better if there's a sippy too.

What Makes Him Sad:
when the wind blows through the trees, turning them into "scary trees," the dark, and when Georgia beats up on him. (I'd like to say I'm kidding, but I'm so not. seriously.)

Funny Words or Phrases:
"It hurts like the dickens," "The Grinch...he's creepy," "I need my sippy/milk/juice. It makes me feel better," "How could you do that to me!" (usually said with much wailing and gnashing of teeth), "MiMi-she's crazy," and (my personal fav) "Mommy, you're my favorite" (even though I'm really not).


Kaila said...

What a fantastic kid!

Zachary said...

Ha ha! I was listening to Katy Perry's Hot'N'Cold while reading this. I have the same awesome musical taste of a three year old! Ezra rocks! And I agree that his name really is special. It fits him well.

Alabama Apples said...

Hello, Little Ez! Auntie Lib, Uncle Kit, Jos, Gav, and Gunner all miss your tons! We had so much fun visiting with you. I can't wait to see you when we come in April. Hugs and kisses from Auntie Libby!!!

Loved this post. I loved the picture of him he is so are all of your children. Please give him loves from me. I miss them tons.

PS...please send me a couple pics of your kiddies. I have a new frame I can fill with six slots, so I'd love to do it with our fam's children!

Aubrey said...

I miss your kids. Tell Ezra hi from us. :)

Steph said...

Ahhh, what a sweet post. I may need to steal when I get around to blogging (sigh). He is such a sweet, unique boy. I love him so much. He is wonderful and I love his sweet personality. Mmmm, I'm glad that he loves his little frenemy...I love him too. ;)

Rachel Teran said...

These kinds of posts make me so excited to have kids. :) He's ADORABLE. And I love the "it hurts like the dickens". Classic!

Leah Florence said...

What a sweet little guy!

Kika+Trevor said...

love this picture! he's just so happy!! :)